Front-end ICON tracker problems

Currently a few community members have noted their frustration at the current tracker. They would like for the front-end to be improved.

The following issues were noted:

  1. No search option for tokens and contracts
    2 & 4) tx hash does not give a clear overview of the transactions.
  2. isudt and iusdc uses 18 decimals instead of 6 on the new tracker
  3. network proposals unorganised and not updated, currently showing 2021 proposals

@Ali Can you link me the site for this tracker? Iโ€™m still learning the ICON ecosystem.

Additionally, I think that this discussion might be better suited for the ICON Development โ†’ Improvement Proposals category

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Old tracker โ†’

New tracker โ†’

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@shikamaru Oof those need to be consolidated

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Lot of issues still in work.

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