Follow up on education material and creative writing

So recently I did a post and it did not get much traction, I have, however, kept steady on my pace in planning and searching.

Currently, it is quite clear, that documentation surrounding BTP, ICON, creative writing on ICON’s potential is very scarce. I see some technical documentation for ICON/BTP coming, but still, it will not be user friendly.

My current plans (all of which involve dealing with professionals in the field):

  • Creating infographics around BTP and ICON/ICY/ICZ in general, through a design agency
  • Creating an infographic video about BTP and the ICON ecosystem with a digital animation agency (this will cost around $15k for the first one, after that prices reduce approx 30% due to having a set of animations ready). These videos also take 6 weeks to produce.
  • Networking with academics and creative writers from the field of blockchain and interoperability to write creative writings, possibly once every 2 weeks. This will involve them to be paid per writing.

It is almost certain CPS is required for this, so I would like to hear back from p-reps from now, whilst planning is taking place.

I’m looking for a group of individuals that have experience and are interested in forming a team.