Foligator development and new integrations



Foligator was first launched on 13th April 2022. It is a DeFi dashboard that allows you to track your liquidity pools and yield farming performance in real-time. Many cool features were introduced at launch including Portfolio history plots, Open positions, Pool specific data, Impermanent loss, HODL value vs current value, ROI, Yeild planner with whatif scenerios. Later we launched an update on 30th May and added a details page for each LP open position showing additional details of a position including individual pool performance/rewards plots, Hodl vs LP price analysis, zero impermanent loss prices and pool activity history.

Foligator has plans to integrate all ICON platforms that are offering incentivised liquidity pools. In this proposal, we aim to integrate Ommfinance, OptimusDeFi and Craftdotnetwork. All these platforms offer tokens to the liquidity providers who stake their liquidity into these platform. We will aslo develop a simple subscription based smart contract where users can subscribe monthly or yearly by paying $bnUSD.

Landing page:
Twitter: @_foligator


Portofolio page

Showing portfolio history plots (HODL value vs Current portfolio value), rewards plot, and open positions.

Yield planner

Virtual portfolio builder and testing what if scenerios.

New Proposed Upgrades

1. Portfolio Page :

Incentivied pools from OMM.Finance, Optimus.Finance and will be integrated to update the results for the following sections in portfolio page

  • Netvalue today, total invested and Net value HODL
  • Liquidity pool history plots (overall portfolio value vs HODL value plots and Liquidity rewards plot)
  • Opened positions
  • Closed positions

2. Position Detail Page :

Details page for each LP open position for the newly added pools to show individual pool performance plots, prices at which impermanent loss becomes zero, LP vs HODL analysis, and add/remove dates (activity history).

3. Insight Page :

Insight page will be updated to show

  • Record of $OMM rewards
  • Record of $FIN rewards
  • Record of $CFT rewards

4. Yield Planner Page :

Yield planner page will be updated with the newly integrated incentivised pools from OMM.Finance, Optimus.Finance and to build virtual portfolio. New what if price variations will be added to examine the value of virtual portfolio by varying the price of $OMM $FIN and $CFT.

5. Profile Page :

A profile page will be added for the user to perform the following actions.

  • Select/Pay/Subscribe to the foligator subscription plans.
  • See user’s subscribed plan and expiration date.

Funding Request

The breakdown of our funding request is as follows:

  1. Backend Developer ($2400/m for 1.5 months)
  2. Java Score Developer ($2400/m for 1.5 months)
  3. Front-end Developer ($2200/m for 3 months)

Total = $13800

Project Duration

3 months


We are a small team lead by @bearsurvivor. We have previously secured DAO funding from to develop foligator.