[Final Grant report] Devblockchain.tech

A quick recap of what the platform is about

devblockchain.tech is a service that aims to educate developers of all kinds to ICON smart contract (SCORE) development. The challenge we set ourselves was to design an immersive formula that would allow developers who were completely new to Blockchain to quickly assimilate the stakes and features of this technology before being able to train in the development of Smart Contract.

The platform is composed of 3 parts designed for 3 levels of reading:

  • Discover Get started with basic Blockchains notions, decentralization philosophy, the role of developers in those networks, DApps, Smart contract and an introduction to ICON.
  • Learn: This part will allow you to learn about SCORE development. The guide will be an interactive experience. You will have at your disposal an IDE on the browser as well as a detailed guide. You’ll have the occasion to meet our mascots, the ICONBOTS :wink:
  • Build: This section will introduce you to all the opportunities available to you as an ICON builder and will promote the ICON Incentive Score System.

After nearly 3 months of work, we think that we built an efficient formula to efficiently onboard more builders in the ICON ecosystem. We combined the above contents with a Marketing and paid ads strategy to organically boost the number of developers visiting our service.

What’s next and your feedback

This platform is not frozen in time. This is just a V1 that we want to experiment on in order to iterate and bring more content. At the release, there will be a course available: “ICON SCORE basics” but we are already preparing 2 more courses, “Advanced SCORE” and “Learn IRC tokens development”. We will publish a vote on https://icon.vote/ in the following weeks to decide which course will be integrated next!

After discussing the project with the community, we now have a pretty clear idea of what the project could be in the V2. We want to make the platform collaborative and allow anyone to submit courses. For example, we would submit this project as an EEP, and we’ll dedicate a % of the rewards to incentivize courses creator. Anyone could submit courses and EEP voters could be able to approve/decline the addition of the course and its budget via a DAO-style vote system (such as icon.vote for example). We’ll continue to iterate on this idea and we’ll come back to you later.

Sharpn Earn campaign is also starting, we have launched the first wave of selection and the first users have already claimed their $ICX after completing our first course! We believe that incentivizing builders to learn SCORE dev. combined with a good paid ad strategy will be efficient to continuously bring users on the mid-long term.

In the meantime, we need your feedback! Content errors, visual or feature bugs, please report them to us on Telegram or directly in DM on twitter!

Our experience

These 3 months of building on ICON have been very exciting for the Sharpn team. As you know, our team is focused on one mission: To drive the organic adoption of ICON by providing optimal user experience. This project was focused on the SCORE developer experience, we came away with a very fulfilling experience and lots of ideas on how to effectively contribute to the growth of the ecosystem! The future looks bright for the IISS and we can’t wait to see what the future is for the whole ICON ecosystem!

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