Eye on Icon Community Session - Icon Foundation Edition

Hey Everyone

This week Scott will give our community an update on everything the foundation has going on.
But really this is our communities turn to ask questions directly to Scott.
If you can’t make the below time, add your questions and i will be sure to ask them on your behalf.

Corresponding UTC (GMT) Wednesday, 14 July 2021 at 00:00:00

  • What is the current status (%) of the migration to Icon 2.0?

  • Apart from the logical questions regarding ICE, like date of snapshot and expected release, when will we receive more details of the technical specs? How will the EVM compatible sidechain compare to the Icon main chain in regards to tps, … These specs will also allow to compare it to Polygon (MATIC).

  • During the LCX interview, Min shared Ricky and him have been working on a tokenized real estate platform little over a year now. The platform is ready, but bridge pay integration is key, but wasn’t finished yet. US real estate focus initially. The STO based asset could be used on Balanced as collateral. Any more information about this project, which can be shared? Will they continue with Bridge Pay or will they switch to Stably as well, as per OMM’s example?

  • Apart from the tokenized real estate project, are there any other STO based plans in works?

  • Could you elaborate on the decentralization strategy. Some initiatives are known, but maybe no longer in effect and other might not be known. Icon Foundation not staking their entire ICX treasury is a known strategy which dilutes their own share. Funding initiatives from before the CPS was another. Creating teams like ICX station from Foundation team members is an other strategy I assume. Min and Ricky pursuing centralized projects like ICONFi and the tokenized real estate platform might be another? Anything you are able to share would be welcome.


Thank you again for the awesome events. Appreciate you taking questions beforehand for us old dudes with kids who need to sleep.

I wanted to ask what sort of future aspirations the ICON Foundation has for the MyIDAlliance? Do you have any specific business product plans or ideas for after ICON 2.0 and BTP?

As an example could Icon create a public chain based index fund that MyID/Shinhan Bank could make available to their customers to purchase?

I’d also love to start talking about an ICON annual summit. 2022??!! :fire::fire:

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