Eye on Icon Community session BTP chat with Scott

Hi all

The next Twitter spaces session will be around BTP with Scott joining us live on the call for the community to ask all the questions they like.

If you have a question but cant make the session then put a comment below and we will ask for you.

TIme it will be held is
Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 10:00:00 am AEST

I will like to know what difference does icx have against big player like quant and cosmos?


How soon can we expect to see the Private institution’s chains built by ICONLOOP transact using BTP after it’s launch?

Can AMMs interact with other chains via BTP to increase yields?

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I have a few so if thats a problem, just pick the one that you like best :slight_smile:

  1. BTP will need to be used with Fee 2.0 so we could avoid the neccesity for all users to hold a separate ICON wallet and Virtual step is currently an integral part of Fee 2.0 (as Fee 2.0 cannot be set up atm without setting up Virtual step).

On the other hand though from what we know ICON 2.0 will not have Virtual step, so how will Fee 2.0 be set up and how will the transition from the current to the ICON 2.0 system be done?

  1. Do we have approximate date/month when we could expect the first BTP mainnet connection to be live?

  2. Is it possible to share which will be the first blockchain that we will connect to?

  3. Will private BTP connections be available as setup options after ICON 2.0 goes live or will BTP be functioning via protocol level connections only?


These sessions take place too late for me given the time difference but I look forward to hearing the recording on this one! :slight_smile:

I have one question regarding BTP that I’ve been thinking about the last few weeks; the mechanics of the fee aggregator auction and whether it’d be more like a “first come first serve”.

I saw that someone posted a discussion on this over on Github a few days ago so I don’t want to jump onboard their idea. They’ve detailed it a lot better than I would have anyway and also provided a potential alternative:

I’d be very interested to hear Scott’s thoughts on this discussion. Another user suggested a buyback contract being put in place instead of the auction. This sounds like a very promising idea but I’m not a developer and hence am unsure how feasible it’d be.

Shoutout to jorisvial and Skyvell for their ideas on this over on Github!


This is very important … some sort of comparison is ideal where we highlight the unique features that make BTP stand out.

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Question regarding BTP with the four Polkadot ecosystem partners. Polkadot parachain auctions are likely still a few months away. Two of these partners Acala and Moonbeam already secured parachain slots on Kusama (Karura and Moonriver). I’m sure Plasm will follow as well. I’m not sure whether Edgeware is running for a Kusama parachain slot. From what I have read, I believe Kusama parachain and/or Polkadot parathread are only back up solutions for them should they not get a Polkadot parachain slot. Are there any plans to test BTP on Kusama already or will you wait for Polkadot parachains to be live?

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-What is difference or competitive advantage of BTP over IBC of Cosmo?
-How long/ difficult to implement BTP to certain chain compared to Cosmo (lots of chains built on Cosmo Sdk so they are already synchronized)?

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  1. The Foundation has declared that they are aiming to be the “most connected blockchain in the industry” by the end of the year. Do you have any more insight into the strategy to make this happen?

  2. How easy will it be to leverage BTP connections in DApps. Is there a good, high-level, example of what kind of steps are required for a developer for this yet?


Sorry if any of these are already asked / answered. I will be on a plane for the interview today.

1/ Comparing BTP to something like Cosmos IBC, how simple is interoperability to implement. For example Cosmos requires blockchains to implement Tendermint or have a relayer for POW blockchains, are there any requirements for BTP?

2/ With ICE running an EVM and utilising BTP. Once BTP is developed to make this connection dose this mean that it will be easy to apply to other Blockchains also running EVM’s or is there more involved. For example will it be as easy as copying a solidity smart contract with minimal changes?

3/ Assuming BTP will be as fast as the slowest blockchain it’s connected to as it will require consensus on both connected blockchains, how will this work with the likes of eth layer two solutions that derive consensus from the etherium layer?

4/ Is it just as easy to a POW blockchain as it is a POS one and if not what workarounds are needed?

5/ Is there a roadmap / plans in place to become the most interconnected chain? for example upcoming cps proposals to onboard devs from other blockchains to work on creating the BTP connections.

6/ With ICON planning to become the “Aggregator chain” how seamless will it be to utilise BTP simple things like just storing your crypto in one wallet? Will it be as simple as sending your crypto from another chain to your ICON wallet and the BTP connection will happen in the background without you even knowing or will you need to actively make the connection each time. For example if I send ETH to my ICON wallet do I need to worry about loosing my crypto due to the wallet address being from a different chain or will the BTP connection just be made in the background without any input from the user?

7/ How far away are we from officially announcing the other BTP connections or Git Hub?

8/ Will you eventually be able to buy other crypto directly with Bridge pay using BTP?


Hi fez,
Sorry didn’t want to interrupt again but this is just a follow up to my question earlier about taxes. Just wanted to add that according to tokentax there is no law around it yet so it is up to us if we want to declare that as a transaction or not.


Thank you everyone for all your questions! we Made sure to ask them all!
If you missed it here is a link to watch it. (a ton of information in there)