Exchange listing offers


Read more about our exchange listing effort:

Offers we received so far:

A. Listing Fee: free for ICON. Normally we will charge for over 10BTC for listing, but it is negotiable according to the project. It will be listed with BTC and USDT.
B. Technical integration fee: 15000 USD
C. Integration time: 3 days
D. Market making: free, but needs 100,000 ICON tokens for the liquidity.
E. Promotion: free
a. Promotion in our communities with 9 languages with over 100K users in total. Chinese Wechat group have over 50K users, English telegram have over 45K, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian telegram group have over 30K users. We also have over 4K Kakao active users.
b. Promote you in all our media channels for 1 year.

Fee: 5 BTC

  1. Trading launch of specified crypto pairs
  2. Listing announcement on FatBTC official website
  3. Official SNS tweets or news of FatBTC
  4. Ads banner promotion on FatBTC official website
  5. Private API + Introduction to the pool of market makers
  6. Market making partner referral
  7. Listing promotion events’s technical support like trading competition, airdrop, transaction mining, PoS earn, trading rewards, invite rewards etc.,
  8. Zero trading fee account for market making (market making not included)

Listing fee: 5 BTC

Listing Proces:
1、If the project team accepts our quotation range, our research team will do DD for it.
2、If the DD passes, it usually takes 24 hours, we sign the contract, and complete the payment of the listing fee.
3、The operation team will get involved in. They will send the Listing form to the project side (all the details we need will be in this form).
4、The operation team will release the listing announcement and begin to prepare the entire process of listing (including technical preparation, robot preparation and all promotion preparation)


Fee: 3 BTC

Trading pairs: BTC, ETH, USDT, EUR, USD
(Optional): ICX pool needed for airdrop / trading competition / liquidity pool


Out of top 100, but was easy to reach.

Fee: $10,000

Fee is paid upfront and covers legal review. Does not guarantee listing. :o


Hi ICON Foundation. Could you please chime in with an update on what a Coinbase listing and/or Binance US listing needs?


Idk whether that could be a problem with those two specific exchanges, but I learned that ICON Foundation has no legal opinion about ICX not being a security. Some exchanges require that, some require you to pay for making their own.


Could you please elaborate on this a bit Thomas?


Example from Bittrex listing form:

According to my information, ICON Foundation does not have either of those documents.