Exchange Listing - Coinbase or Gemini update please?

Hi, I am a long term investor in Icon (since ICO). Has there been any progress on Coinbase or Gemini listing of ICX? I remember Blockmove was instrumental in getting ICX listed on some smaller exchanges and was working on these two the past year or so. I’ve been speaking to more and more institutional investors moving into the Crypto space and a lot of the funds (at least USA, EU based) are looking at Coinbase and Gemini listed cryptocoins as having passed a certain threshold and thus approved for investment. Small to Mid size institutional investors don’t have the manpower to diligence all the platforms out there and are looking at thresholds/standards to help them cull the herd. Additionally, Coinbase, Gemini, and Fidelity are developing bespoke custody platforms for asset managers and initial investment pools will likely be focused only on those cryptocurrencies within their exchanges. Assuming the next investment cycle is driven by institutional investors, I believe it is important ICX spends the time and effort to get listed on these exchanges (both for reputation and marketing). I understand ICONLOOP is focused on the development within the Korean Institutional/Corporate ecosystem (which i highly support and applaud), but I believe for ICX itself, being listed on USA based Coinbase/Gemini platorm (where institutional capital exposure is 1000x of South Korea) is instrumental in the long-term success of the project. Thank you.

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We are all of course interested in being listed on both Coinbase and Gemini. As you would expect, we can’t share details on exchange listing conversations because it could have a material effect on the market. If ICX is going to be listed on one of these exchanges it would be shared publicly through the proper channels for all to find out at the same time.

Having said that, ICON is in the process of integrating with Rosetta. Also, ICON has been listed on Kraken already and Kraken can service institutional clients.

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Thank you. I appreciate the update. I just wanted to confirm this is being worked on and a priority for all ICX related parties. As an institutional asset manager (moonlighting as a crypto investor), the recent level of interest in Cryto is astounding. Institutional capital moves in $100mm to $1bn increments and is usually self-reinforcing with a focus on those platforms validated by others. I want ICX to be a part of this discussion given I believe it is one of the best long-term platforms with a real value proposition out there in Crypto. Being on Coinbase and Gemini is one step that allows ICX to be a part of that conversion. I appreciate the fact ICX is on Kraken and is being integrated within Rosetta (a huge development I did not know about - thank you @Benny_Options for letting me know). However, both Coinbase and Gemini seem to have more integration with asset-heavy institutions with the cross-pollination of executives from both sides. I expect the level of institutional assets to flow into Crypto over the next 24-36 months to elevate Crytpo into the mainstream just like the late 90’s did for internet companies. For the long term success of the ICON network, both strong fundamental development and robust, long-term access to deep-pocketed long-term investors is critical.