Event Based Architecture #3 - Final

Project Name

Event Based Architecture

Report Period

February 22nd - April 5th

Report Description

This report summarizes the final deliverables for this project. Since the last reporting period, we have completed the following tasks.

Several teams have expressed interest in using the endpoints as it averts that classic workflow of polling a node and filtering responses. Instead, clients can open a websocket connection and receive filtered events based subscribing to events from a contract or to an address. The latter workflow results in faster and more efficient interactions with the blockchain requiring fewer requests with less data transmitted to deliver the same result. We’re excited to see the different use cases it could find such as upgrading the explorer to give live feeds of data, offer APIs that show balances / votes over time

Project Completion Percentage


Remaining Time to Completion


Expected Results for the Next Period

This concludes the work on this grant though we are planning on submitting a follow-up grant through the CPS system.