Espanicon representing ICON in the Binance Spanish 10k celebration

Yesterday (May, 2th) we had the opportunity to participate in an event organized by the Binance Spanish team to celebrate their Telegram channel reaching 10k users.

The event had different members or representatives from different blockchain projects (Ontology, dash, Nem, Nano) and we were asked to represent ICON. Each blockchain project had 1 hour to do a quick AMA allowing the users from the telegram channel to ask questions to each project.

After our AMA session, we did an ICON Quiz to allow the member to participate in winning one of 3 prizes (50 ICX each).

We had 97 users participating with 58 answerings correctly to all the questions. Here is a summary of the quiz (in Spanish):

After randomly selecting the winners we transferred the 50 ICX to each wallet an announced the winners in the following Twitter post:

This are the transactions hashes of each winner

35404174 / 0x9fc31d7e39266d79fe7ad5a30d4fa5c881e2ecfaae12b4ec966631527460b6ce

16605295 / 0xd7a82f481720ffb0fe16368190a71a21f39f0053180f481f57c851166635b62d

37093976 / 0x9cc4e101315232a8b29442fd40b58a427d542d2ff77f4e544a0b3ea98b586863

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