EPICX (FutureICX 2.0) report #3

Hey everyone! Its time for another EPICX update and we are quite excited about it as we believe that this the most important one that we have made. As there is only one update after this one and we still have quite a few details about the platform to reveal, we have decided to share the major stuff on this update and leave the finer details for our last one.

The goal of our project is to bring new innovative ways to make trading more fun and give our players an opportunity to improve their skills and profit from them at the same time. With EPICX we would like to show our players that learning to trade could actually be quite interesting and that making money should not be a dull experience.

By implementing gamified elements, we are aiming to turn routine tasks such as reading the market movements and building a portfolio into much more fulfilling and enjoyable experiences. In example our Price Prediction game teaches players to read the market and pick the correct entry/exit spots, Crypto Duels – to build a successful portfolio and pick better and better options even when limited in your choice. Each selection could mean a win or a loss in the game that you are currently playing but in the real world a proper selection of your winners could be the difference between you not having to work anymore and having to take extra hours at work.

King of the Hill

This trend continues with the introduction of our new game – King of the Hill, where you will be able to participate in small-scale trading ‘races’ and you are aiming to outperform the other players. For this one we are drawing some inspiration from the poker Sit’n’go tournaments, although once again with our own spin. You will be able to join multiple types of 6 or 9-player trading tournaments, each with their own rules - some of them might be with shorter/longer trading rounds, some of them might be rewarding the best performing and the worst performing player and some will have entirely different game mechanics, so your experience in those tournaments should never be stale or boring.

We believe that this game will be a good addition to the games that we have already made as it will give a chance to our players to test and gradually improve their trading skills in a much more comprehensive competitive environment. King of the Hill is divided into 12 trading rounds, which give the participants an opportunity to buy, sell and manage their limited buy resource (each player begins with 1000 credits, where 1 credit equals 1$ in monetary value).

The game starts as each player selects a ‘public trading pair’ (one that all players will be able to trade) and a ‘wildcard’ one (which will only be added to the player’s personal trading list). As the rounds progress, each trader will be able to buy, hold and sell any of the cryptocurrencies in their list and will be aiming to increase their in-game net worth as much as possible.

As you guys already know, each of our games has their own game-specific reward pool and reward structure. For King of the Hill, we have decided to go with a slightly more interesting format. The bonus structure here will consist of an independent 4 to 6-months long tournament, which will require no buy-in or spending in order for the players to participate in. Instead, everyone will have access to it and Nexus credits (in-game currency for the tournament) will be awarded to each player when they win a prize at any of the King of the Hill tournaments (no matter at which winning position – each 1 ICX won will generate 1 Nexus credit for you). You will be able to stack the generated credits by winning more tournaments or participate in trades with the credits in order to increase the amount that they own even further.

An interesting addition to the Nexus tournament (and respectively to our King of the Hill game) are the ‘power-up’s – single use activatables that are won as rewards and which (if correctly used) could increase your gains even further

Against the odds

For our last game we have decided to go for something a little bit different. As the final main component of the trading experience that we have not covered yet is placing and managing an actual trade order, we have decided that the last game will be focused on that. However, as the concept of a game revolving around the placement of trading orders did not sound as exciting, we decided to spice it up a bit.

For this one we took inspiration from a lot of different sources, but our main focus was on prediction apps like Augur, the concept of which we have decided to combine with with the betting exchange apps such as Betfair and top it all off with the capabilities and structure of our app and blockchain in general.

The result of this amalgamation is a ‘game’ where any player will be able to open custom prediction markets for anything related to blockchain and/or price feeds. In example you will be able to open a market where players can make wagers on whether BTC will hit $60k at any moment of time until the end of the month; If the price of ICX will be above 10$ at the end of the current week or whether ETH will have a larger gain % than NEO in the following 48h. You will also be able to wager if NorskiKiwi will be able to get into the Crypto Duels Diamond league by the end of the season, whether you will be able to reach 300 King of the Hill wins faster than Corey etc etc.

Whenever a market is opened each player will be able to place a position on it for a custom amount. This position could be on either side (for or against the statement – in example that BTC will be at $40k on 01.02.21 or that it wont) and will be able to choose their confidence and risk level based on the odds that they think that this will happen (in example you put 300 ICX on the 10:1 odds that BTC will hit the target above). As in a standard orderbook, as long as there is a player to take the other end of the deal, your order will be processed, and after the resolution time (in this case 01.02.21) passes, all positions are resolved.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a screenshot of this game at this moment of time as we are still working on the exact design, but we will do our best to do so asap.

Fee 2.0 and multi-network expansion options

As we are already trying to prepare the app for future expansions, all processing fees in our app will be covered by us. This is essential if we would like to expand to other networks (as we cannot expect the players there to own ICX in order to process our in-game system fees). This will enable a very smooth transition and capability for a rapid expansion for EPICX to other crypto networks, as soon as the BTP is ready for use. Although that could have been done on a later stage (which would have limited our expenses), we would like to be ready for this moment as early as possible as we are eager to show not only to the ICONists but to the other networks as well what the ICON network is capable of.

We have gone a long way from our initial plans and although we cannot say that the path was an easy one, we really hope that we will be able to build a successful platform where we could assist the beginning and experienced players alike to improve their skills and to increase their profits from trading. Trading is a game with a steep learning curve and a lot of patience and proper mentality is needed to succeed - the ones that succeed in it are the ones that constantly progress (and having fun in the meantime does not hurt as well :wink: )


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