Election and post-election questions

Hey everybody,

I was halfway through the Candidate Panel discussions that were uploaded by Icon Foundation yesterday and loved them so far.

Even though I have read/saw every part of information that I could find about the candidates, these panels have changed my impression of some of the teams so much… I literally went from having a few favourites to realizing that it would be a very difficult decision…

During that process though, I have realized that I dont actually know a lot about the election/post-election process and I hope that someone can help me with some of the questions that I have (I apologize in advance if the questions were answered somewhere or if I have missed/misunderstood some crucial information). Here they are:

  1. I assume that no matter what the exact process for the election will be, we will have at least 22 elected p-reps and 50 sub p-reps. Will we be able to delegate to the sub p-reps or only for the main 22 after the election?

  2. How long are the p-reps elected for and will the new ones be elected by voting or by the amount delegated to them over a certain period of time?

  3. What happens with the sub p-reps - are they receiving any bonus and/or incentive to continue working for Icon’s benefit?

  4. What exactly are the rights and responsibilities of a sub p-rep?

The questions are probably very basic and discussed over and over, but I would really appreciate it very much if someone can explain them to me so I can be sure that I am understanding them correctly.

Thanks in advance!

1)You can delegate every candidate sub and mains are not important.
2)There is no time everyday network look at top 22 staked p-rep and have them as main election is fluid since everyone can delegate or cancel staking anytime they want. These changes mostly have effect if delegation of votes mostly equal between p-reps.
3)Sub p-reps also receive reward but reward they get depend on how much people delegate with them.
4)Rights i am not sure i can’t specify anything as rights of p-reps but their responsibilities can be like take up the block produce in case main ones drop other than that they should deliver what they promise.

So if I understand correctly, the difference between p-reps and sub p-reps is only that at particular moment the main p-reps are getting bonuses for the processed blocks

And that the blocks that are supposed to be processed go through the main p-reps first and whatever is left goes through the sub p-reps

So the sub p-reps are also running nodes, have the responsibilities like the main p-reps, the only thing is that if they get staked more at a certain point of time and they move into the top 22 most staked p-reps, they will start processing more blocks and start getting block rewards

Is that correct?

yes but to be clear only main p-reps produce blocks backups validate all p-reps need to run the node

  • We have a vote, aim is 100 P-Reps to start.
  • Top 22 become P-Reps
  • Next 78 become sub P-Reps
  • The 78 have to be ready to start producing/validating blocks, but they don’t do that whilst waiting.
  • If one of the 78 moves above one of the 22 in ranking then they become a main P-Rep.

On the homepage here there are three downloads that run through some of this stuff. Did you happen to see them yet mate?

That is great - I would love to check them out if possible

However for some reason I still cannot find them, all I see is this

Do you mind explaining a bit further where I can find them or giving me the link to them (I apologise if they are in plain sight and I cannot see them for some reason)?

No problem. I don’t think the forum address and the base website link together in an efficient manner just yet, we’ve not long been live.

If you go directly to http://icon.community then you are there. On the top right you can open a menu and there are the downloads there.

If you still don’t find it let us know and we will get you there!

Oh yeah - I saw those a week ago and was planning to read through them but never got to that

I will check them out now - thanks a lot! :slight_smile: