EcoSystem Stats


Transcranial Solutions collects all sorts of datapoints of the ICON Blockchain. These are presented
daily on his Twitter account, as most of you probably know. Transcranial Solution & Eye On Icon have teamed up with the goal for creating a central point of presenting the data, along with his Twitter account.

This to have an easier overview than the Twitter timeline.


A website that lets a user check all sorts of data points. A raw MVP of the website can be found here.
Keep in mind that this is a very minimal product. It is used to get a feel for the libraries that will be used. Alltough it is very minimal, we do believe this gives a pretty clear example of what we intend to build.

Data points

We are confident that we can integrate the following data points on the website:

Regular Transactiosn

  • Regular Txs | Daily
  • Regular Txs | Weekly
  • Regular Txs | Monthly

Burned ICX

  • Burned ICX | Daily
  • Burned ICX | Weekly
  • Burned ICX | Monthly

Internal Transaction

  • Internal Txs | Daily
  • Internal Txs | Weekly
  • Internal Txs | Monthly

User will be able to change the day, week and month. Default will be the most recent.


  • Transaction Trends
  • Fee Burning Trends

IRC Tokens

  • Daily Token Transfers

Exchange Data

  • Major / Known Exchange balances


We would like to know if CPS active validators see value in a product like this as we are
aiming to submit a proposal next week.

Hello there,

I appreciate your concept, but I believe it should be integrated with the existing


Previously, many similar initiatives were supported by CPS or grants, delivered, and then forgotten.

Also, tracking/stats/blockchain info related data should be aggregated in a common place like communitry tracker.


Thanks for the feedback Robi,

Let me try and counter it :wink:

Tracker integration would be nice indeed. However I don’t know if there are plans to do so. And if so, what the timeframe will be before that will be up and running. I am confident that we will be able to deliver a valuable product relatively quickly.

On your other point; Transcranial Solutions has a prooven track record of over 2 years. So I’m also confident that this project will be forgotten after delivery.

Unsurprisingly I think this would be a nice and important addition to the eco-system that is missing atm!

Maybe a middle point could be having a button directing to this new website?

I agree that a complete integration is a nice to have, but there’s also the argument of decentralization. Nothing wrong having different services as long as they work together / complement.

So back to the start, a simple button in the tracker that says “Ecosystem stats” or something like that could be a solution, assuming the team behind the tracker is cool with that.