Eclectica Metaverse Platform for ICON

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We are the winners of the recent hackathon organized by the ICON Community. First of all we want to thank the ICON community for giving us a platform to showcase our creativity.

Eclectica is building an Open Metaverse


We believe art is about the experience, and the experiences that will store the most value over time will be 3d, one-of-one, and dynamic which is why Eclectica is so unique.

We are a team of people who are fascinated with metaverse and have previously created many 3D level designs in the Web 2.0 world . Now we want to introduce our creativity in the Web 3.0.

What we want to Build


Full custom avatar system integrations with multiplayer support for up to 100 concurrent users in a Space.

Artist Royalties

In addition to basic adjustable artist royalties on selling 3D/2D NFT, we will expand this system in the future to give more power to the artists across Web3 metaverses.

Token-Gated Access & Events

Spaces will be able to be set to public or private. You can host ticked events or keep your space to yourself.

VR & AR Support

Our team has a deep backround in AR & VR, We understand the future is in the headset, and we are building towards that future.

Current Stage

We have currently built a MVP product for the hackathon which already supports features

  • Talk via audio with people
  • Live Stream your experience on Screen
  • Buy NFT's
  • AI powered bot with information about blockchain and ICON
  • Play games with your friends and showcase your NFT

Creating Valuation

We believe in creating value and there are several features that will attract people not only from ICON community but also from various other crypto and non-crypto communities.

Here’s what Eclectica Provides

  • 3D Graphic Artist can create there 3D spaces and sell them
  • Artists can display/auction/sell there NFT in the metaverse.
  • Users can hold meetings (public/Private)
  • NFT guild can enjoy the benefit of token gated Spaces
  • Users can showcase there 2D/3D NFT
  • With BTP support users from other chains will also enjoy the benefit of the metaverse and this will introduce new users to icon

Technical Architecture

We want to build Eclectica as Decentralized as possible and we have designed our architecture keeping that as our main goal. To build a resilient and antifragile system decentralization is necessary. Once the platform becomes mature enough we will introduce updates via DAO.

Here’s our intial tech-stack :

  • Webrtc provides P2P audio and video to users in the metaverse. Realtime movements and notifications are provided by websockets

  • Deployed Metaverse is Backed by Score’s. Easy Deployment of Child Smart-Contracts via our UI,

  • IPFS provides storage facility. IPFS clients are utilized by our platform to provide single click deployment of metaverse. IPFS is used to store nft

Why Propose a CPS

As we have developed an MVP in the hackathon. We want to evolve it to a full-fledged product and bring users to it and provide value to the ICON ecosystem. As it is a unique and graphic intensive product it will require a lot of efforts and development work. However we understand that this is a community proposal so we have tried to keep the budget as low as possible

We are looking for a P-Rep to Sponsor Us

Our Team

Dwij Patel : Game Developer
Experinced in Unity Game Development and WebGL technologies.P2P media wizard

Harsh Bhanushali : 3D Artist
Blender Guru , has in depth knowledge of designing 3D models.Creativity Flows Through his Veins

Harsh Gandhi: Blockchain Developer
Experienced in Web3 technologies. Loves Building DApps.Privacy Advocate.


Milestone (1st Month) :-

  • Setup Various Social Media Accounts
  • Creating Platform website and Documentation
  • Training AI Edu bot for ICON
  • Making Player Movement Architecture Scalable
  • MVP contract mainnet Deployment and updating contract

Milestone (2nd Month) :-

  • Creating 2 new Templates
  • Introducing 3D NFT’s support
  • Token Gated Support
  • Social Media Promotions (Giveaways and AMA)
  • 3D space buying/selling support with artist royalty in contract

Milestone (3rd Month) :-

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Allowing Other Creators to Develop 3D spaces
  • Onboarding Artists
  • Creating Specialize Spaces for various big Communities
  • Custom Avatar support

Funding Breakdown

  • 1 Score Developer : $2,000 * 3 = $6,000
  • 2 Unity Developers: $2,000 * 2 * 3 = $12,000
  • 1 3D modeler : $3000 * 3 = $9,000
  • 1 Content Writer : $750 * 3 = $2250
  • 1 Backend Developer : $1500 * 3 = $4500
  • 1 Frontend Developer : $1500 * 3 = $4500
  • Marketing Expense : $7000

Total Amount : $45,250 bnUSD

Hello, I got a message in doiscord that you are looking for a sponsor. Yes, we are also interested as sponsors, you can also talk with us if not yet already covered. We will need to understand details (step-by-step) and how it will help to ICX Stakeholders (ICONists / Community) in short and long term.

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I have sent you a DM. We are always looking for feedback to improve.

We can provide values to the ICON ecosystem in more than one ways below are a few ways we think we can add value

  • The NFT’s started with 2D art but the future will be in NFT’s with utility and 3D nft’s and wearables in metaverse will be very important

  • There are currently no metaverse platform that are natively build on ICON. We are not only solving that issue but are also providing existing NFT artist and collectors opportunity to showcase there NFT’s

  • DAO Meetings/ Live Gaming Sessions can also be held. As we have P2P audio/video support.

  • Token gated spaces which are only accessible by NFT/Token holders.