Dusty Apps / Site

icon.foundation website is still looking the same as it did 2 years ago.
Please look at polkadot and how they present their product and how they explain how it all works and how you can build on it… ICON’s current website it’s like an intern made it…

Also, no mention of the CPS on the homepage, which in my opinion is crucial to get people interested in developing on ICON.

Look at how Polkadot is advertising their system, right in the homepage:

Easy as it gets.
People click the link and are immediately greeted with “Come build on our platform! We will pay you!”
Not to mention their proposal form. Very well organized. ICON doesn’t even mention CPS on the homepage.

If you go to the Resources - Collateral tab on the ICON website the latest video is from 2018, it’s like nothing has been done since then, which is completely not the case. Looks like a dead project.

FAQ mentions C-Reps. I’m confused. Do they mean P-Reps? Are C-Reps a thing I’m not aware of? There’s no mention of any P-Rep on the FAQ. Very confusing for someone new to ICON.

ICONick? It still says it’s launching in 2018? It’s 2021 and still on the website without anything informative about it’s development. I even pre-registered back then and haven’t gotten any response since.
I’m assuming it’s a dead project.

https://twitter.com/ICXcomics? Those were looking good and people liked them, last post was in September? Did they quit? What happened?

When you click on the Play Store button to download it, it’s blank, can’t find it in the store.
If I search it manually, it doesn’t even show up. I did manage to find it but it’s written in Korean…
Also, it says 2019 ICONLOOP on the bottom of the page… it’s 2021 guys…
Atleast clean the dust every now and then, nothing looks more dead than seeing this on a website.

Is there progress being made in the DID department?
Will there be exchanges adopting it in the future?
I think that’s what people want the most in this market.

ICON team members?
Are they still the same?
Was there any expansion in the team?
Any plan on getting new people with fresh ideas on the Council?

I’m really confident on ICX, I’ve been accumulating since 2018, but this needs some cleaning. If you don’t clean the dead rats from your basement it will make the whole house stink.


I agree. The first step was to get iconrepublic.org going. Currently, ICON Foundation is working with ICON Hyperconnect to incorporate feedback, and also, to migrate some parts over from icon.foundation to iconrepublic.org. Last step will be the revamp of the icon.foundation website.

iconrepublic.org is the main hub for all things ICON. Therefore, this should be more comparable to other project homepages like Polkadot although we have more work to do. What we are trying to accomplish for iconrepublic.org quite unique. You can read more about it below:

@Markus Twitter 1

@Markus Twitter 2


Then please request the current crypto listing sites (coinmarketcap / coingecko / etc) to add a link to iconrepublic.org

If someone new to ICON is interested in it, they will search on those websites and they will be directed to an outdated source of information.


Anyway, what’s going on with ICONick? DPASS? ICON team members?
Will we have more videos like the ones we had in 2018 showcasing dApps in the real world?

Thanks in advance for the time Min.


Agreed about adding iconrepublic.org to coinmarketcap.

As for your other questions, here’s some quick answers:

ICONick - INS was being worked on by Portal Network, haven’t heard from them recently. Now WalletX has been working on it as part of their grant, not sure the status.

DPASS - Nothing new here. Imo DPASS was a stepping stone to MyID and there are much better things to highlight at this point.

ICON Team Members - Somebody from the community reached out and is actually putting together a piece on ICON developers, tho idk the timeline. I imagine future iterations of the icon.foundation website will show a more decentralized team and highlight contributors such as ICX_Station, ICONLOOP, PARROT9, iBriz, Reliant Node, etc. who are contributing to the project.

@minhx can jump in if he thinks I missed anything

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