DSNC as an ICON Network P-Rep Candidate



Hello ICON P-Rep & members,

I would like to grab your attention and show you DSNC as an ICON P-Rep Candidate.

2019 September - The new era of the ICON Network begins
with the Public Representative Election.

Therefor, we didn’t miss the opportunity to apply and be part of the ICON TestNet and ICON P-Rep.

You can have a look of the whole P-Rep candidates list in the link below:

Please check our DSNC application for more information and reach out to me for any questions or concerns.

We are transparent and would like to share with you all our sources where you can learn more about us and what are our aims here as a ICON P-Rep.

Have a look at our website:

These are our social media platforms below:


Our Telegram Group:

Our Reddit:

Medium: Recently we write a story based on our interview questions provided from THE ICONIST.

This is our ICON P-Rep introduction video on YouTube:

This is our ICON Staking Video on YouTube:

We are just started and this is the beginning, so defiantly will be much more from us soon.

Please reply here if any question, we are here to help as much as we can.


Today we had planned a very useful stress test for our ICON P-Rep TestNet nodes. Our DSNC node confirmed stable and didn’t crashed, bringing down our node! We are keep proving that we are very serious as a team and we are here to be one of the main 22 ICON P-Reps.


Please have a read our latest interview with TheICONIST to learn more about DSNC as an ICON P-Rep Candidate. :smiley:


This is our latest updated DSNC P-Rep Proposal written on Medium and we hope will be updated soon on ICON P-Rep candidate list as well. We have made some changes related to the original Proposal and remove the old website links and updated with the new information.


DSNC node is now acting as a Main P-Rep node in the Testnet3. Our first goal is to build a stable, secure and reliable node then we can focus on our work to build useful dapps.



Hello ICON Development team, I like ICONex and this is a great ICX wallet in my opinion, but one very important bit is missing for now and this is the option to buy ICXs straight from the ICONex wallet. I believe this option will bring so many new customers to ICON Project. I can see that this is the first wall regular people hit and stop them from doing any further step over to get ICXs, because of the unknown ways and steps they have to take to get to the ICXs they would like to buy. I know this is not an easy job at all, but at least I hope you have that goal on your work bord to be done.


For more updates from DSNC progress as an ICON P-Rep please check out our Reddit posts. (if anyone of you using Reddit) :slightly_smiling_face:



So good to see DSNC is on Number 1 position, even if it is only on ICON Testnet Tracker. We are doing very well and we are ready for decentralization soon. :grinning::muscle::v:


DSNC created our first Smart Contract build on ICON Mainnet. We use “Daedric”, created from Spl3en (ICONation team) and “Marvin” created from Andrew (ICONVIET team).

You can check the link below where our contract is keep working and providing Price Feed from major exchanges to Hylian, so our developers can use these price feeds for their dapps.



Some how me missed to update our DSNC page here, as this small Smart Contract was built on 01/10/2019. But it is not late to inform all about our progress. :sunglasses::v:


For everyone who wants to see our DSNC node performance in real-time, we added a link to our web site below:
also you can see us on