Does ICON nodes and consensus have a restart mechanism in case of anomalies?

Good evening all,

Some might have seen the news a few days ago regarding a different chain, namely Cardano. It is still unclear what exactly caused the transient anomaly resulting in downtime of a few minutes as 50% of the nodes got disconnected or restarted. The outage only lasted for a few minutes as such issues was considered during the design of the cardano-node and consensus.

As an ICX oldtimer hodler, I cannot remember an instance where the chain went down. My memory might be clouded as I become older and never can say no to a good night out with friends. But back to my question, has ICON also taken into account anomalies and implemented some kind of /restart procedure for nodes in such events? If not, would it be of interest to add such mechanism to make the network even more robust?
Looking forward to your insights and thoughts regarding this topic.

I hope you all have a great day/evening!

Below, one can find the announcement regarding the outage on the Cardano chain.