Do you have any plans to set a maximum issuance?

I wonder why there is no maximum supply for the core tokens of the Icon blockchain.

I initially thought a few years ago that the maximum supply of icx was fixed at about 800 million. It was described as such on various sites. However, icx was an unlimited issue.
Many Koreans thought like me.
Is this fluctuating? Or was it infinite issuance from the beginning?

I believe that one of the various reasons why the 2017-2018 icx price could rise so steeply was the maximum supply.

Now, with the addition of ice, icx’s position as a gas is an additional function, and as a governance token, etc., I think it is better to set the maximum supply. (1 billion)

Balanced and omm tokens are also governance tokens, but the maximum issuance is not set either, so I wonder why there is no incineration system.

We believe that if prices continue to drop, users will churn and developers will suffer.

Did the p-reps also want to issue tokens indefinitely?

  1. There was never a max supply, so it’s possible you misunderstood. ICX can either be inflationary or deflationary based on the number of transactions.
  2. ICE is a completely different blockchain that’s built to be compatible with Ethereum dApps. It doesn’t make sense to cap ICX supply just because ICE exists. If you believe that a lower supply is good for ICX, there’s nothing that needs to be changed. Once ICON network is used more, it will become deflationary.
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