Discussion for ICX.wiki ecosystem information portal

Hello all as noted on several Telegram channels we submitted a CPS for icx.wiki. Icon desperately needs a one stop, thorough and maintained information portal that fairly and accurately presents all the work every Prep is doing and has done. This is a project our lead developer is very keen on doing as currently voters cannot see all the work each Prep is doing. From our proposal:

“The aim of icx.wiki is to create a 100% community-run, positive and encouraging database website for ALL information on the ICON project. Having all information about ICON in one place will allow current holders and new users to be able to get a clear picture of the projects bright future in one place, without having to go through countless forums and social media sites. This site will be built for the whole community to enjoy and collaborate on. As the ICX community grows, so does the community, and that community will now have a repository for all of it’s generated information.”
One of the main goals of ICON is to bridge blockchains and communities, the icx.wiki project will compliment that goal by bridging future and current holders into the history of the ICON project in an enjoyable and informative way.

ICON has generated lots of information over it’s almost 5 years in existence, but sadly that information is most of the time scattered all over various forums, social media and websites. The goal of the icx.wiki project is to collate and organize that vast amount of data and make it available for all holders to enjoy and learn from.

The basic layout and navigation of icx.wiki will be very simple and intuitive to use, while at the same time containing vast amounts of data and information that will allow new holders to discover ICON.

The basic layout of the initial website will include:

-Registration page: Where users can sign-up to become contributors, editors or users.

-Home page with advanced search: Allowing uses to begin searching for a topic, person or project.

-Contribution page: A portal where users can create new contributions to the ICON knowledge repository.

-Article page: Displaying the full content of each unique topic in a clear and easily-readable way.

-Edit page: Where users can make changes to existing articles and correct or update information.

The look of the website will be similar to that of wikipedia. We feel this is well-known and as this project is more about information and substance, appropriate and comfortable for both new and current ICONists.

Future developments could include:

-Tipping authors in ICX or IRC coins who you enjoy.

-RSS feeds from the whole site, or only certain authors who you follow.

-Intergrating NFTs and IRC tokens into the site for tipping, collecting or other purposes.

We look forward to hearing back from the community and truly believe this needs to be supported.

Thank you,
Spartan Node