Development of Optimus - ICON Yield Optimizer - Report #5

Report Name:

Development of Optimus - ICON Yield Optimizer - Report #5

Report Period:

March 14 - April 15

Report Description:

This report aims to highlight the works accomplished during our 5th month to develop Optimus - ICON Yield Optimizer. The key focus of this period was core contracts improvement & integration with Balanced contracts.

Project Completion Percentage:

81 %

Remaining Time:

1 month

Expected Results For The Next Period:

  1. Testing:

(1) Integration with Omm public testnet contracts.
(2) Testnet version for public user testing.

  1. Core improvement:

(1) Ledger integration.
(2) Official whitepaper release.

Materials Proving Progress on the Project

  1. Protocol whitepaper (v1.1 draft):
  2. Optimus prototype website:
  3. Core smart contract functions:
  4. Backend services:
  5. Public development progress report:
  6. Public ticketing system:

Thank you for your time.

Hi is the link that has the testnet version actually testable? I want able to interact with it on testnet. Just curious and excited.