Delegation Grants

Hey ICON Foundation!

Regarding the 1m ICX delegation that comes with approved grants, I just wanted to clarify: That delegation is expected to be removed at the end of the grant period, correct?

I only ask because, as it stands currently, that 1m delegation makes up for over 60% of Foundry Box’s delegations and I am trying to plan out the funding and support for hosted services and other expenses after the grant period has ended. Bounty Cat will, hopefully, bring in an income and help increase votes from the community, but will continue to likely cost more then it makes for awhile and I want to make sure I can forecast that correctly.

Also, with the CPS coming online soon, is the ICON foundation considering any other delegation strategies, or will grants continue to be handled similarly as they are now in respect to projects that don’t get funded in the CPS?

Thanks for your time!