Decentralized NFT Exchange / Real-time icx node operation yield indicator idea

1.Decentralized NFT Exchange

Advantages of Icon Blockchain
-NFT trade of various blockchains using
BTP. -Can be integrated with the bridge.

  • speed

Goal: To stand at the top of the NFT exchange of various blockchains using BTP.

Exchange operation method: When the usage increases, the value of icx is increased through node operation through icx.

Fees: icx and various legal currencies such as dollars and won

/////// 2. Since there are a variety of icon-based products, customers can use icx to create convenient profits through the yield board.

I am not a technician, so please understand if there are any mistakes

Hey Yeol - we were actually talking about this internally just the other day, it’s a good idea.

Having said that, I’d again ask you to consider focusing on a specific idea and putting lots of thought and effort into one idea rather than submitting so many high-level posts as you currently do.