Decentralise Contract Deployment



Contract Auditing is too centralised and should be disabled.


  1. Who are the auditors?
  2. Who can appoint auditors?
  3. Who can remove auditors?
  4. Who controls cx0000000000000000000000000000000000000001?
  5. It also sounds too complicated for many hobbyist developers and turns many away

The audit process should be automated, like on-chain deny whatever ‘invalid code’ cannot run at all and allow everything else to deploy and run without any further delay.


Agree, can’t believe there is still gate keeper in contract deployment.


This is in the works. From the latest dev update: “Additionally, we are exploring the implementation of a side chain for smart contract execution on Core 2.0 to improve scalability, enhance BTP functionality and provide a sandbox environment


Why would this need a side chain?

Is there any ETA?