Data Analysis Website for NFT project GangstaBet (and more after)


We want to create a website that aggregates all the data related to the GangstaBet project in order to allow users to visualize all the data that can be useful in making the decision to buy or sell the NFTs of this projket. In addition, this site will also provide developers with a free API to retrieve all the information of the project.

We want to start with GangstaBet because it is a very active project on the ICON blockchain and with big ambitions: with nearly 4 million ICX volume in 4 months as well as a metaverse under construction, this project is the flagship of NFT projects on ICON.

Of course, this site will be the base of a development allowing to duplicate easily this concept on other projects. (an NFT project = a specific website)

This project is supported by the team but also by the team

Work done
We have launched 1 month ago a twitter bot allowing to twitter each day several information:

  • Sales in real time
  • Sales statistics from the previous day and since the launch
  • Burned or claimed tokens
  • Floors on several attributes

To date, this account is followed by nearly 300 people.
To realize this bot, we have already structured and integrated in database the whole history of the project (for sale, sold, claim, multi claim, upgrade skills, transfer, name change, remove sale, mint).

We identify every transaction related to the project so that we can store it in a database. We work alongside the and teams to retrieve the data (and anticipate future releases)

Dashboard on the back office that display every transactions

Smart search on the back office to display floor / sold / nb transactions for cumulative attributes

Multiple Search on the back office to to search amoung 120k+ transactions

The website:
Since the launch of the project, it is more than 120 000 transactions on the ICON blockchain: the goal of the website is to make all this information readable with a thoughtful & professional UI/UX to offer in an interactive way the key information:

  • Key sales figures on the 2 marketplaces ( and
  • Key figures on the activity of the GBET token (and the future GG token)
  • Identify the whales and their activity over the days
  • The different transactions on a specific NFT over time
  • Filter / smart search on specific attributes to detect buying opportunities based on floors

=> You can see the full prototype of the homepage on FIGMA

We want to allow any developer or website to be able to use the data by providing a public API to query the data set.

The and teams are interested in this feature. This will allow, among other things, to retrieve all transactions on an NFT regardless of the marketplace (today the history of a marketplace only includes its own transactions).

To date, only 2 marketplaces offer the sale of the GangstaBet project, but with BTP, it is very likely that we will be able to buy and sell these NFTs on other blockchains, we will add as we go along the other marketplaces to provide a unified data source.

General FAQs:

  1. Why make a site only for GangstaBet?
    As detailed before, the GangstaBet project has become the flagship of NFT on ICON. We think it is important to start with this project, which is attracting an ever-growing community.

  2. Do you plan to expand your site to other projects?
    Yes of course, we will focus on projects with a real mint like Wonderland or Supernode Racing. We will listen to the needs of the community.

  3. What kind of data will be in the API?
    Everything since the creation of the NFT: mint, sold, for sale, remove sale, transfer, upgrade skill, name change and this on all marketplaces offering the Gangsta project

  4. Will the API be free?
    Yes, this funding request will allow the development, maintenance and sustainability of the project for at least 12 months.

Our goal is to deliver a responsive site with a professional UI allowing to consult in real time the data of a NFT project by allowing to filter on the attributes of the project as well as to provide a public API for the developers or marketplace which can need it

Project Milestones:
First Milestone (1 month):

  • Full UI/UX design (Homepage, Search, Profile, Activity & Transaction pages)
  • Environment setup (development and production)
  • Live Public API

Second Milestone (1 month):

  • Launch live website
  • Website enhancement and adding features with community feedback

Future Enhancements:
After the delivery of the project, several features could be developed such as

  • Valuation of NFTs of a specific wallet according to floors
  • All the purchase/sale history of a wallet
  • Real-time alert to detect buying opportunities

The whole team is based in Paris, France. We are a web agency with a great experience in web dev for one of the leaders of the hotel industry with more than 2500 websites all over the world.

The twitter bot was a POC to test the development of a blockchain-based project.

Funding Amount Requested:
We are requesting funding for web app development, UI/UX. The funds will be used to cover expenses in our agency in Paris to work with back / front web developers, DevOps engineers,UI/UX Designer and the hosting cost of the site.
The project management will be done freely by a member of the team.

  • 1 Back Developer with DevOps @ $2,800 per month = $2,800 x 2 = $5,600
  • 1 Front Developer @ $2,500 per month = $2,500 x 2 = $5,000
  • 1 UI/UX Designer for 8 days (contractor) : 500$ / day : $4,000
  • VM on AWS, Back-u and miscellaneous cost for 1 year = $1,200

Total: $15,800

Thank you !
We hope you will be interesting & Feel free to ask questions about this project.
We want to submit this project for the next round of CPS in 10 days

This would be a great infrastructure addition for ICON’s NFT ecosystem - and (imo) is the perfect type of project to receive CPS Funding.

One question, would this eventually be expandable to any type of data/analytics on the ICON blockchain? (similar to Dune or Nansen)


Yes it could be extended later to analyze many things.

That could be very interesting by the way :slight_smile:

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This would be awesome :slight_smile:

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