Cyber lords club - NFT passive income game

Cyber lords club - NFT passive income game


It is a project that combines high-quality collectible NFTs with receiving passive income by collecting and trading them with no time or effort in play, and This is what investors are looking for in the world of NFT games.

Still, very few projects have ideas to satisfy investors, like adding scholarships to their games, but still not as easy for everyone. So we created the concept of this project that will give the investor the perfect solution for playing and profiting.

All he has to do is buy NFTs and sit back and watch the profits, Knowing it’s not gambling.

Also, “nobody loses in this game.”

-picture of 4 “cyber lords club” NFTs

How will it work?

We will offer 8000 unique royal crowns.

The price of each crown will vary depending on the rarity of the traits.

When the player buys the crown in its initial sale, the cost of the crown will automatically distribute as the following:

(75% for the creator - 5% for refugees and war victims - 20% for random holders battle winners).

After each sale, the game will automatically bring a war between the sold one and ten random crowns, and the number of battle winners will be from 3 crown holders to 6 as the maximum holder winners. Then the game will divide 20% of the NFT cost among the battle winners.

Let’s give an illustrative example:

  • If the purchase is a resale, the royalties “which are 15%” will be distributed as follows:
    10% Random Winners
    4% Creator
    1% Charity
    Then the game will register a token to the seller and a token to the buyer.

What is the use of in-game tokens?

At each initial purchase, the buyer will receive two tokens.

If it’s a resale, the seller and the buyer will get a token.

The idea behind the tokens is when a purchase occurs, the game will select ten crowns from holders randomly and will be the priority for holders with more tokens to be among the ten lords of fighters.

The holder will not lose the token except in one case: if he got selected and won the battle, the game will deduct a token from him, then he will receive his revenue from the battle.

If he got selected and lost in the battle, he would not lose his token, and his chance to be chosen again remains the same.

As I said earlier, “Nobody loses in this game,” even if he doesn’t have tokens, he still has a chance to be selected, but a little less opportunity.

The game will select eight from “high-Token holders” to “mid-Token category”, and then it will select two from “few token holders” to “non-token holders”, so everyone has a chance to win.

Can we watch the battles?

Yes, through the official website of the game that we are working on now:

When each purchase occurs, it will appear on the website directly a ten animated video cards with a story made with artificial intelligence based on the traits of the rival crowns. When you press a card, you will hear the voice of a professional storyteller telling you the story of the battle.

We will choose from the best stories made by artificial intelligence and then present them in another NFT collection called “cyber lord’s battle stories.”

When you buy a “battle story” card in the initial sale, we will only take as creators 25% of the card’s price, and 35% will go to the winning crown in the card story, 35% to the loser, and we will keep 5% for charity.

The card’s buyer will take a token after buying the story to increase his chances of entering the battles, and giving buyers the token will not happen except on the initial sale for every story card.

  • We can set a quick example:
    If the one who bought the card is the same loser within the card story. he will refund 35% of the card value. Also, he will receive a token.

If it’s a resale, the royalties of “cyber lords battle story” will be only 10% and divided as follows:

“3% creator - 3% winner - 3% loser - 1% charity” + “no tokens distribution”

“The first edition of the “battle story” card form.”



Given the current situation in many war-ravaged countries, many stable families have been turned into refugees and displaced homeless people live in fear and starve.

We decided to share a part of this game’s profit and distribute it transparently and openly to war victims and refugees.

General FAQ

  • What happens if a player sells NFTs to himself to earn tokens?
    -This is welcome, and he will take two tokens, the seller’s token and the buyer’s token, so all we care about is the 15% royalties, which will take a 10% dividend to distribute to random winners.

  • What is unique about this project?
    1- long term passive income:
    Once a holder has a crown or more, he has the chance to earn from project sales.
    We may “in the near future” sell a crown that exceeds 200,000 USD; several holders will be surprised to receive 5000 USD or more within their wallets.
    This scenario will happen due to the action of selling and buying to fetch tokens and earn money.
    2- ice blockchain:
    We will publish the game on ice blockchain to take advantage of its privileges, such as the NFT ecosystem.
    Publishing on “ice” will help market the game to get NFT collectors and investors here, which is also beneficial for ice blockchain marketing.
    3- long-term project survival
    Even though we have developed ideas to help prolong the project’s life, we will also connect it to another game project in phase two to ensure the project’s continuity for the future and enhance its market value.
    We will mention some introductory information about the second phase game in the next question.

  • Are there other things not mentioned about the project?
    Yes! All we mentioned earlier is the first phase, which will help us advance the project to the second phase, which will be adored by players of all ages, a “multiplayer party royale game” that will be a sequel to the Cyber lords club project. The game will be P2E, and the crown’s owners will enjoy substantial privileges within the game.

“images from the party royale game”

  • What have you achieved so far in the project?

1- We finished a program that makes thousands of 3d NFTs with the powerful gaming engine unreal engine to produce us a 3D high-quality level that befits this project, and then we made 124 traits for cyber lords club, so it is now ready to create 8000 NFTs with JSON files.

“3d NFT Generator software”


Also, in Q2 2021, We started developing the multiplayer party royale game, and we completed many in-game mechanics and 3d art.

“Weapon customization system from the party royale game”


Who are we?

"dunpix studio"

Since 2014 we have been working in the game industry to serve large companies such as “Nanovation labs” and other companies, investors, and celebrities and develop their games.

After the experience we have gained over the past years, we decided to develop our products.

We are (game developer “founder”), (technical animator), and a group of independent programmers and talented freelancers, also advisors.

  • Project milestones
    Phase 1 “Cyber lords club”:

1st milestone (1 month)

  • Start the development of the smart contracts (solidity).
  • Battle story animated card design.
  • Start a website design.

2nd Milestone (2 months)

  • Start “Battle stories” story writing for each trait for AI.
  • Continue the development of the smart contracts (solidity).
  • Complete website design.
  • Start website development + live visual battles.
  • Start development for AI Auto-generated Battle story cards.

3rd milestone (2months)

  • launch website.
  • ”Battle stories” storyteller voice actor.
  • Finish the smart contracts development.
  • start social media & marketing.

4th milestone (1 month)

  • start integration and testing
  • marketing
  • presale
  • full release

Requested funds:

So far, our expenses in “cyber lords club” and “the party royale game” are just over $20k.
The following expenses are what we need to complete the “cyber lords club” project, and its profits will help us enter the second phase.

  • 6-month solidity development 15000$

  • 6-month project management 12000$

  • Website design 1500$

  • Senior web developer 8000$

  • Design artist for promotions 5000$

  • Marketing promotions 10000$

  • 3-month python developer for
    Auto-generated Battle Story Cards NFT 7500$

  • Battle story animated cards artist 1500$

  • The storyteller voice actor for AI 3000$

  • “Battle stories” story writer to write stories for 124 traits 3000$

Total 66500$

Since the Contribution Proposal System is typically meant for “public good” projects, what are the deliverables that can be used by community members to further their own business developments, community developments, or educational interests? For example, open-source tools, public endpoints, things like that


Thank you for initiating this. We received many requests about the 3D NFT Generator software; therefore, I don’t mind making a standalone version for developers.
In terms of smart contracts, no smart contracts have been created for the project yet. If I receive requests, especially from the ICX community or developers, I don’t mind the smart contracts to be public to expand and develop projects in ICE or ICX.


I’m under the influence that NFT games should raise capital through sales, rather than totally through CPS - this does not mean part of your project cannot be cps funded.


Very accurate!
We made the party royale to be funded from the first phase NFT sale so that we can support the whole capital from NFTs for the second phase.

@ZRashad I would probably recommend thinking more about what public utility can be gained from this project. Any smart contract code that is deployed to the ICON blockchain (and probably ICE as well) would already be public.

For example, what would be included in a “standalone version for developers” of the “3D NFT Generator software”? Is it limited to specific designs? Are there other features/tools as well, such as game-building, cross-contract integration, or data collection features/tools?

Additionally, I would like to know more about how this will project be split between the ICON and ICE blockchains

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Hey @errcsool, thank you for your valuable feedback.
The first phase of the project can be divided into three parts: “smart contracts,” “NFT Generator,” and “Battle story card generator.”

First of all, as you said, the smart contract will be public by default, which will benefit developers because the idea of this contract has never been applied before in any NFT project.

Secondly, “3D NFT Generator” has already been asked for by many developers. I have seriously thought about making it a standalone software that is easy to deal with both from the developer and the regular designer.
Using the generator is simply by importing the traits and their textures, then the CSV file, which will have the type of each trait and its rarity, and finally click generate.
There are no limits on the designs. The user can import any pre-prepared assets from 3d software to the generator.

Third, “battle story card generator” is artificial intelligence that will work on writing stories that result from the battles, and I will make it open source. It might inspire a developer to build on it for another project.

The entire project will be on ICE Blockchain.
ICE and its powerful Framework Substrate SDK will allow us to be in an open market to bring giants like Polkadot and Ethereum to our project and other projects on ICE.

Which part of the smart contract has never been applied in an NFT project?

What do you mean by “I have seriously thought about making it a standalone software”? This is not yet decided, correct?

It sounds cool, but in my opinion there should still be some more thought on how the promotion of this product can be framed to inspire technical and business developers in the community to build on top of your contributions. Currently, the proposal is mostly centered around passive income generation as the major benefit.

One additional note, for the AI portion, how will you facilitate script writing and voice acting? It seems like either (1) there will be a limited number of scripts / pathways or (2) there will be too many scripts for a single voice actor + writer.

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Thank you @errcsool, for your inquiries and feedback allows us to elaborate on more details about the project, and this is a grateful interest from you.

The whole concept, especially the idea of profit distribution when buying an NFT to a random number of holders.

To be more visible on the topic of the NFT Generator. The software is now fully operational, but from within the Unreal engine, the process of turning it into a standalone tool will take more effort and time, so it will increase the requested funds to finish phase one. Therefore, we will not work on the standalone version in the initial phase.
As soon as the first phase ends, we will devote our efforts to releasing it, because this tool will be beneficial for future projects and community developers.

Yes, you’re right. The main goal of this project is to promote a new idea, which is the passive profitability, that will encourage many investors to enter.
Also, the concept will inspire developers as a new genre to create and develop similar projects.

The AI will build the story based on Four trait categories, and they are
1-(Crown type) “Queen - Pharaoh - Gothic…”,
2- (crown material),
3- (Trinkets),
4 -(side item)

And this is a form example by “Trait category name”:
Crown Type + Crown Material” attacked “other crown type + its material” using “side item,” but the attack failed when the opponent used “Trinkets” to defend himself

form example by “Trait name”:
Golden Pharaoh” attacked “Galactic queen” using “Sword”, but the attack failed when the opponent used “Death pots” to defend himself.

The past form is textually mentioned for explanation only. Still, some fiction will be added to it based on the traits of the 2 NFT battlers, and the story writer will put one or more phrases on each trait for variation.
At least we will write about a total of 300 sentences “or more” for the AI, so it can build a story based on the traits that it will get from battlers.

Ok, so to recap:

  1. the unique part of this idea is the profit distribution
  2. the standalone software will not be made available to developers with the deliverables from this proposal
  3. the community contribution here is largely that they can be inspired by the profit distribution framework
  4. the AI will build a story based on the 4 trait categories

For 4, it is still unclear how the voice actor will act out the AI-generated stories. Also, will these stories be vetted by an editing team before release, or will they be generated at the time of the battle?

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Yes!, they will be generated at the time of the battle.
We will explain how the AI generates a card like we mentioned in the proposal :

We have two battelers.
the first batteler traits are:
Crown = Gothic
Material = Galactic
Background = Galactic
Table = Purple
Side Item = Magical Sword
Trinkets = Halo

the second batteler traits are:
Crown = King
Material = Gold
Background = Red
Table = Black
Side Item = Heart jewels
Trinkets = Laser Beam

We will use only four traits, Crown, material, side item, and Trinkets, to generate the story.

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