Crowdfunding Real Estate on ICON

Hello all,

This is a first message about a project that I am studying with several partners in France, it concerns crowdfunding in real estate… on blockchain of course :slight_smile:

Maybe Icon could be a good blockchain for this.

Team :

  • A french company in top 5 in France in real estate crowdfunding (usefull to bring new campaign)
  • A web agency with front and back developpers, a genius designer and a product manager (me) (usefull to build)
  • A french company in real estate in Paris (usefull for network)
    => Let me clarify one thing: I am a product manager but above all I am an entrepreneur (in real estate)

Market :

  • Real estate crowdfunding (market of 500M € in France in 2020)
  • SCPI (société civile de placement immobilier) / REIT (real estate investment trust) : market cap of 71 Billions € in France, 1,25 billion € in secondary market in 2020 : this market is huge and very oldschool to manage
  • The primary market will be France, but it could easily deploy on several countries. The major issue is the legal thing, different in all countries

Project :

  • Create a platform to launch new crowdfunding projet in real estate or new REIT with token with “regulations approved” of the AMF (the french equivalent for SEC)
  • First, token will offer smooth user experience, but the key feature is to bring liquidity for the secondary market. These projects are very illiquid by nature.
  • Our reflexion is, maybe, to create a « white label » in tokenized real estate to offer a turnkey product for existing companies in traditional real estate to embrace blockchain
  • BTP / interoperabilty is a major feature that could be useful to this project of course
  • We could bring some fun feature, for example show projects in 3D in a metaverse project to bring concrete to its investments

Competitors :

  • Lot of competitors in traditional market
  • Some competitors with blockchain in others countries, none in France :, maybe some others

Funding :

  • I think we will have some personal funding of the team & from our shareholder
  • No precise budget for the moment, it’s too early but we need a « seed investment » (300/500k €)

Our need :

  • We need experienced blockchain developers & key contact for audit
  • We need, if p-reps are OK, make a proposal to funding a part of this project (the blockchain part)

Does any P-reps are interested in this project to help us to bring this project on ICON Network ?
What do you think about it ?

Thank you

I’m not associated with any P-REP, but in my opinion this undertaking would be too costly for too little on chain use-case for Icon.


Thank you for your reply.
Of course, we will not ask CPS to fund all the project. The team will fund a big part, but the blockchain part could be interesting (to be define exactly but around 50/80k$ maybe).

It’s could be a beautiful use case of the blockchain.

I will write a message when all the project will be define.

If Anybody have question or interested to help on the project, let me know

The point of the CPS platform isn’t to fund the purchase of property it is for building the mechanics of purchasing property on the ICON blockchain. So If you make a proposal with the purchase price of the property or “seed” investment in mind then that proposal will fail. If you make a proposal for the website/mechanics (such as using broof or other ICON systems) to purchase and record the properties and their fractional ownerships then that would be a proposal for the CPS platform.

You can DM me on Telegram @Geo_Dude

We’d love to talk more about the details

Yes, it’s exactly what we want to build : a platform which will allow tokenization of a property.
I have a meeting with my associates next week about this subject.

@GeoDude, i will contact you on telegram

PS : sorry for my delay, holiday & Covid stuff :slight_smile:

Hello! You can DM me too @doddric on Telegram