Cross-Chain token launch site like Pump. fun

Background on Pump .fun

Pump .fun is a memecoin creation and trading platform on the Solana blockchain. The platform allows users to create and launch tokens with minimal fees, effort and no need for seed liquidity. Token prices are determined by a bonding curve mechanism, which adjusts prices based on supply and demand dynamics. Pump .fun has generated substantial revenue, it has surpassed $30 million in total revenue, often earning around $500,000 in daily fees (upwards of $2M, being the top revenue earning platform in the space)

Proposed Platform on ICON

Concept: A cross-chain token launch platform built on ICON, utilising the GMP Xcall for cross-chain transactions, and integrated with the Balanced DEX for liquidity provision. This platform will enable users to launch tokens with access to cross-chain liquidity, enhancing trading opportunities.


  1. Cross-Chain Liquidity: By leveraging ICON’s GMP Xcall, the platform can facilitate token trading across multiple blockchains. This allows tokens pegged to ICON’s bnUSD to be traded on various chains, enhancing liquidity and market reach.
  2. Simple Token Launch Process: Similar to Pump .fun, users can easily create and launch tokens with minimal fees and without the need for seed liquidity. This process will include selecting a token name, ticker, and image, and deploying it on the ICON blockchain (via bnUSD so the creator can launch on any chain as such).
  3. Bonding Curve Mechanism: Implementing a bonding curve for price determination ensures that token prices increase with demand, providing early buyers with lower prices and incentivising early participation.
  4. Vesting Options: To enhance trust and stability, the platform will offer vesting options for developer wallets, preventing immediate dumping of large token amounts and reducing the risk of rug pulls.
  5. Integration with Balanced DEX: Tokens that reach certain market cap milestones will automatically be listed on the Balanced DEX, providing additional liquidity and trading opportunities. This integration will also help burn ICX, as a portion of the trading fees are directed towards the ICX burning mechanisms.
  6. Community and Developer Tools: Additional features such as automated market-making tools, analytics dashboards, and community governance mechanisms will eventually be provided to support developers and engage the community.

Benefits to ICON Ecosystem

  • Increased Transactions: The platform will drive transaction volume on the ICON network, boosting overall activity.
  • ICX Burn Mechanisms: A share of platform fees will be directed to burn ICX, even if we capture a small market share, it would result in a great boost in burning ICX along side the additional increase in burning via balanced due to increased token pairs being traded.
  • Enhanced Cross-Chain Capabilities: Utilising ICON’s cross-chain technology will position the platform as a leader in interoperability, attracting more projects and users to the ICON ecosystem (even if they don’t realise it).


Building this platform on ICON, with its robust cross-chain capabilities and integration with Balanced DEX, can potentially replicate the success of pump. fun or even capture a decent market share. It will offer unique features such as cross-chain liquidity, vesting options, and automated listings on the Balanced DEX, providing a comprehensive and secure environment for token creation and trading.


I am posting this here as it would need to be funded via the CPS and before we explore even further, I want to see if there is enough interest and support for such a platform, as I understand that ICONs focus is currently on Balanced however this type of platform only enhances Balanced and the potential to burn ICX while utilising ICONs GMP, imo, so I feel it would be a great addition.

If I get enough positive sentiment I will work on a full proposal. (Criticism/ questions are welcomed)