Creation of a song/music video about ICON

Hello ICON community! I am a crypto-rapper (Koresh Tony) and would like to offer my services to create audio/video content for you. What can I do: record a hip-hop track about ICON or shoot a video clip, thereby creating unique content and helping to popularize the coin.
I have already worked with various cryptocurrency communities (Dash, Peercoin, Flare Network etc.), so as an example, you can check out the content on my YouTube channel:

My content will be aimed at an English-speaking audience (the track will be completely in English). I already have ready-made tracks in English, which I am ready to share on Discord or Telegram.

I work with freely available instrumentals, as well as with author’s music: I have a professional beatmaker, which makes music personally for me to order. I am also ready to share examples of original tracks, there will be no problems related to the license.

After creating the content, I am ready to completely transfer all copyrights to the customer, this is a common practice.

The content that I am creating is advertising and entertainment and does not carry a serious semantic load. Thus, the community gets its own musical theme and video, attracting new potential members of the community, thereby expanding the audience of the project.
Music/videos are undoubtedly valuable for cryptocurrency communities, allowing you to get a visualized uniqueness, your “trick”.

I am ready to provide you with a detailed cost estimate to understand you what financial costs the community will incur by ordering a track from me. Take a look:

The duration of the track is ~ 2.5 minutes.

The cost of creating an author’s instrumental from my beatmaker will be $110. All copyrights to music are transferred to the customer.
For writing of the text, the time spent on a trip and my part in recording song in the Studio I’m asking $700.
A trip to the recording Studio in St. Petersburg- $550 (this amount includes the purchase of train tickets from my city to St. Petersburg and back ($215); payment of a taxi from the train station to the Studio, payment by taxi from the Studio to the hotel, pay a taxi from the hotel to the train station ($90); hotel ($165); the payment of food and water ($80).
The cost of recording in the studio and mastering the track will cost $90.

Total - $1450.

The prepayment is $810. After receiving an advance payment, I order an instrumental from a beatmaker and expect to receive a music file within 5-7 days.
As soon as I get an instrumental, I immediately start writing lyrics. This process usually takes 1-3 days.
After the text is written, I will need time to rehearse the track. This stage takes up to 1-2 days.
Then you make the second part of the payment in the amount of the remaining amount and I book a studio, book a hotel, buy train tickets.
Departure takes place within 1-2 days.
A train ride to St. Petersburg will take 16 hours. On the same day I go to the studio and record the material, after which I go to the hotel for the night.
The next day I go back to my hometown and expect a finished track from a sound engineer. This stage takes up to 5 days.
I receive the track and send it to you with the full transfer of all copyrights.

As a total, it takes 14 days (±) to create a track on average. But in practice, it usually takes 10-12 days, I always try to complete the work as soon as possible and transfer quality material to the customer.

After creating the track, I am ready to arrange with you to create a music video using this song.

I am always open for dialogue and ready to discuss any details and answer all questions, including using a video call, so that you can make sure that I am serious :slight_smile: