CPS Sponsor Request - Marketing through Music

Hello friends!

Let me introduce myself, I am an independent rap music artist. I am a big fan of Icon since 2018, also an investor since the same date. I am looking for a sponsor to propose a project in CPS, where Icon would be my official sponsor for my musical project, where the funds I ask for will be used to do marketing on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube. I currently have an audience of 36,000 followers. And during 2022 I reached over 1 million people via ads. The more my artist brand grows, the bigger the audience to promote Icon. I have years of experience in marketing and networking. I have a plan to use the Icon brand as a sponsor on videos, artist merchandise and networks.

Everything will be with receipts and proven results of expenses.

Here is the official proposal and spreadsheet of spending and growth strategy:

Hi Khoriantor, I read your proposal and I definitely think targeted ads on social platforms in general can help generate awareness!

If I break down your proposal a bit, it seems to revolve around these two ideas (correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Sponsoring a public figure + make ICON merchandise available for purchase (Khoriantor, 36080 fans), cost: free
  • Running programmatic ads on social platforms, cost: $1200

I’ll post some questions that came to mind here:

  1. How would you consider measuring campaign success? Considering that high impression counts don’t translate to value for ICON, especially if the target audience isn’t all that interested.
  2. What would your targetted ad audience be across platforms, and how well does the proposed content (Latino Rap Music) correspond with their interests?
  3. How will ICON feature in your advertised content?
  4. Do you think, if at all possible, spending $1200 on programmatic advertising from official ICON Network handles across social platforms would also be a good idea?

Cheers! David

Sorry for the late resposne Dave! I am new to this site and didn’t see this question before.

  1. Hard to measure value for ICON. Nothing is guaranteed, but the exposure to hundreds of thousands active users can be. And that is what I offer to show as success and detailed data that the social media outlets can provide. From my end I can measure my growth by increase in Followers, Subscribers, engagement etc. I can provide information if users ask me Icon related questions. Purchases on Merchandise of Icon etc.
  2. I target Spanish speaking countries, and the United States with the filter of Spanish as their language. And target age groups 18-45 that are interested in several rap groups. I’ve had good success with my campaings in 2022, I shared some of those details in the documents proposal.
  3. I will add a link to my Bio Link next to all my platforms, I will add it to my official .com website. And in the video campaigns I will add Icon in the outro of the videos as official sponsor.
  4. Absolutely, if the official site invested that amount I have no doubts that huge growth can be obtained, awareness.