CPS Proposal: SociaKey - 1 click key management using Social Logins (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and more)

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1 click key management using your Social Logins (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and more!)



The objective of this project is to ease wallet management for ICX users with the use of their existing social accounts. Our long term goal is to onboard traditional users who are not familiar with crypto wallet management, as they will interact with ICON dApps through their social accounts authentication (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc…).

Note that we do not store any personal data nor any private keys in our system, as the service is going to be GDPR compliant and the private keys will be generated through a trustless mechanism.

For this first phase of the project, ICX users will be able to:

  • Generate private keys securely with social accounts authentication.
  • Login to the wallet through normal social login flow.
  • Sign transactions using social accounts authentication.
  • Restore/retrieve private keys through a trustless mechanism (even when you lost your devices).
  • Interact with GameFi and DeFi dApps such as Balanced, Optimus, and OMM.

For the future second phase of the project (which can be submitted in another proposal later), we’re ambitious to expand SociaKey to:

  • Interact natively as a plugin for ICON wallets such as Hana through a provided SDK.
  • Expand blockchain agnostic capability to other ecosystems such as Polkadot and Cosmos chains.

Below is an overall wireframe for the application:

Authentication screens

Private keys generation screen

Overall architecture


Total Funding Request: $34,890

Budget Details

1 blockchain engineer @ $3,200 per month = $9,600

1 backend engineer @ $2,800 per month = $8,400

1 frontend engineer @ $2,600 per month = $7,800

1 product manager @ $1,550 per 1/2 month = $4,650

Cloud hosting for 12 months @ $370 per month = $4,440


1.5 Month - authentication interface + private key management:

  • Frontend development for login/signup authentication.
  • Develop the core mechanism to generate private keys securely:
    • ShareA: is stored on the user’s device: Implementation is device and system specific. For example, on mobile devices, the share could be stored in device storage secured via biometrics.
    • ShareB: is managed and split across Web3Auth’s Auth Network, accessed by an OAuth login provider that a user owns.
    • ShareC: is a recovery share: An additional share to be kept by the user, possibly kept on a separate device, downloaded, or based on user input with enough entropy (e.g., password, security questions, hardware device, etc.).

1 Month - dApps integration:

  • Develop core SDK to ease the process of integration with dApps.
  • Cooperate with other dApps to integrate the authentication flow.

0.5 Month - official launch:

  • Establish monitoring services to notify incidents for immediate bugs fixing.
  • Official release & feedback gathering for improvement.

About Team

Our team has strong experience building on ICON network, contributing in major DeFi projects including Balanced and Optimus. We are comfortable in developing smart contracts and backend services, as well as frontend interfaces to confidently deliver this project effectively.

Message from Sponsor

The aim of the game here is to ease the process of onboarding more traditional users by making the UI/UX soconvenient and familiar to traditional log-ins that users can just use their regular social accounts. No need to remember or go through morecumbersome password authentications over and over again.

Using DeFi applications such as Balanced and Optimus will be as easy and non-technical (but still secure) as your grandmother using Facebook.