CPS Proposal: IconBridge SDK and Puenticon

Full proposal HERE

# Description

As stated by the ICON Foundation, interoperability is the main goal of the ICON Network, being a hub of multiple chains and allowing these chains to interact with each other is primary focus of the ICON Blockchain, to achieve this goal the Blockchain Transmission Protocol is being develop and we currently have the ICON Bridge.

ICON Bridge offers a chain-agnostic solution to interconnect any blockchain that supports smart contracts, and is currently available for bridging the ICON Network with the Binance Smart Chain.

To promote and facilitate the interoperability goals of the ICON Network this project proposes the development of a Javascript SDK for the ICON Bridge (called ICON Bridge SDK). This tool will facilitate the usage of the ICON Bridge by exposing a library with a set of methods that can be easily used to transfer tokens from each network in the ICON Bridge (starting with ICON and BSC) to allow developers to focus on the implementation of their Dapps and not the underlying necessary code to interact with the bridge.

After the development of this SDK this proposal also entails the development of a web application called “Puenticon” (‘puente’ being Spanish for ‘bridge’) that will allow any user to easily send tokens between the supported chains of the ICON Bridge (initially ICON and BSC).

# Project Category.


# Milestones & timeframe

The timeframe for this project is 3 months and will have the following milestones:

  • Month 1: Beginning development of ICON Bridge SDK, and initial design of web application (Puenticon)
  • Month 2: Finish development of ICON Bridge SDK, start testing of the SDK and documentation, and beginning development of Puenticon.
  • Month 3: Finish SDK testing and documentation, finish development of Puenticon, public testing of web application and publishing.

## Funding

  • Backend development: $3000 * 3 months = $9000
  • Frontend development: $2000 * 3 months = $6000
  • Hosting for web application : $100 * 12 months = $1200

Total = $16200

Message from Sponsor

Espanicon is a validator for the ICON Network and member of the ICON community since the beginning of the ICON Ecosystem. We have created projects and collaborated with many teams on different projects, our most recent project was Node Butler which was funded by the CPS. For contact please refer to the following link (Espanicon.team)

This project will be self sponsored and in the spirit of growth and fomenting development in the ICON Network all code will be published with Open Source license in our Github repositories.