CPS ICON University Program Support - Revised

Hi everyone. After getting so much feedback by the community in support of continuing this program, we revised the proposal. This revision takes into consideration the following suggestions made by our fellow P-Reps.

Feedback - Open the hackathon to online developers.
Feedback - Too expensive, scale down activities.
Feedback - Great long term pay off, needs more short term pay-off.
Feedback - Show progress through adding more marketing.

The CPS ICON University Program Support Revised Edition.


Devera is an IT academy and career training center at Vietnam National University. The aim of Devera is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience needed to successfully enter the working world.

Since October 2020, Devera has integrated a blockchain technology program into their curriculum entitled, “Blockchain Programming on ICON Network” in effort to provide Vietnamese students with the skills in blockchain programming to develop Smart Contract (SCORE) and dApps on ICON Network. As a part of the October 2020 - March 2021 syllabus, Devera has conducted 1 seminar, 6 workshops and 4 Blockchain Programming on ICON Network courses, directly introducing over 200 student engineers to ICON.

This year Devera is revising its curriculum to be more development-centric. This year’s curriculum will deliver:

  • ICON Developer Workshops: 6
    Monthly workshops aimed at introducing students to fundamental technologies and emerging trends. Primary focus on ICON blockchain technology and services.

  • ICON University Seminar: 1
    A free and open seminar held at Vietnam National University to introduce ICON blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to the general student population.

  • ICON Development Courses: 4

  1. Fundamentals of ICON Blockchain Technology Course.
  2. Mobile Development and Integration with ICON Blockchain Course.
  3. Web Front-end Development and Integration with ICON Blockchain Course.
  4. Back-End development and ICON Blockchain Course.

Note: Courses will be updated to train students for the upcoming ICON 2.0 network adjustments. Some course materials will be translated and provided online as a special request from some developers/P-Reps.

Note: Students who complete our ICON courses receive official university certification to add to their portfolios and resume, we will now be providing broof versions of this certification.

  • Hackathon: 1
    A university campus and online hackathon.
  1. where students will use the knowledge they gained during our program to build applications for ICON network and compete for prizes.

  2. promoted and published online to be available to the global developer market in effort of maximizing participation and getting experienced developers to implement their projects on ICON network.

  • ICON Young Developers Internship Program
    ICON DAO has contributed to some of the biggest products for ICON network, most noteworthy being the highly anticipated BTP and most recently BalancedDAO. The ICON Young Developers Internship Program is a new initiative designed to select the most exceptional students from ICON University Program and provide them with hands-on experience, apprenticeship and ICON job opportunities. By joining the ICON DAO team these interns will help bring in their fresh minds and young imaginations to help our team continue in building products to grow ICON.

Note: We are piloting it first in Vietnam but with hopes of expanding to Korea first then other countries.

Support will cover the following activities in the ICON University Program:

  1. 6 ICON Bimonthly Workshops: $10,800
  • Operational costs to conduct 12 workshops across 6 months:

    • Staff:
      • Instructors: 2 x 6 workshops x $200 = $2,800
      • Marketing Team: $500 x 6 months = $3,000
      • Administrative Staff: $500 x 6 months = $3,000
  • Marketing(Offline & Online)

    • Design works, website management and advertising: $1000
    • Branding and promotional materials: $1000

2. University-wide ICON Seminar: $9,400

  • Operational costs to conduct 1 large scale seminar at Vietnam National University:

  • Staff

    • Seminar Speakers: 4 x $100 = $400
    • Videographer & Photographer: $1000
    • Marketing Team: $1,500
    • Administrative Staff: $500
  • Auditorium rental: $4,000

  • Marketing(Offline & Online)

    • ICON branding and promotional materials: $2,000

3. Blockchain Programming on ICON Network Course: $20,000

  • Operational costs to run 4 continuous university courses:

  • Staff

    • Instructor: 4 x $1,500 = $6,000
    • Marketing Team: $1000 x 6 months = $6,000
    • Administrative Staff = $500 x 6 months = $3,000
  • Student scholarships: $100 x 10 students x 4 courses = $4,000

  • Marketing(Offline & Online)

    • Design works, website management and advertising: $1,000

4. Vietnam National University Student Hackathon: $15,000

  • Operational costs to hold a university ICON blockchain hackathon:

  • Staff

    • Mentors & Support Team: $2,000
    • Videographer & Photographer: $1,000
    • Marketing Team: $1000 x 2 months = $2,000
  • Grand prizes and participation gifts: $5,000

  • Hall rental space: $3,000

  • Marketing(Offline & Online):

    • Design works, hackathon website and advertising: $1,000
    • Branding and ICON promotional materials: $1,000


Month 1

  • Developer Workshop 1
  • ICON Blockchain University Seminar

Month 2: June

  • Developer Workshop 2
  • Course 1 Launch (ICON Blockchain)
  • Course 2 Launch (Mobile Development and Integration with ICON network)

Month 3: July

  • Developer Workshop 3

Month 4: August

  • Developer Workshop 4
  • Course 3 Launch (Web development and Integration with ICON network - Front End)
  • Course 4 Launch (Web development and Integration with ICON network - Back End)

Month 5: September
Hack ICON Workshop (Workshop 5)
ICON Hackathon Announcement

Month 6: October
Hack ICON Workshop (Workshop 6)
ICON Hackathon Launch (on and offline)
Launch of ICON Young Developers Internship Program**

$55,200 or whatever the value of ICON is at the moment we submit this application.

And again, we welcome open and transparent discussion of our proposal.

For quick review, we addressed the feedbacks given to us by P-Reps in these ways:

Feedback - Open the hackathon to online developers.
Response - ICON Hackathon will now also be hosted globally online.

Feedback - Too expensive, scale down
Response - Reduced budget by 30%, reduced number of marketers, reduced number of workshops per month

Feedback - Great long term pay off, needs more short term pay-off.
Response - A number of projects to be produced by ICON Hackathon in 6 months. Furthermore, students selected for ICON Youth Development Internship Program join our team as interns and begin contributing to ICON immediately.


This is awesome … love the transparency

Now that’s what you call a revised proposal … Let’s go ICONDAO !!!


@ccclub_17 We really want to continue this initiative. If you have any suggestions, queries or worries. Please let us know in this forum and we will do our best to consider.

We don’t want a repeat of P-Reps rejecting the proposal due to problems that can be easily adjusted if those requests or questions were made known beforehand.


I think opening up the Hackathon to online developers adds instant value and makes it attractive. Wish you guys luck in getting an approval next time around.

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Thank you @proguerra!

Great job team! Nice to see all the feedback taken onboard. Fingers crossed you’re successful this time around :+1:


Thanks @budw1ser! Appreciate the support.

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Looks great! We will be voting to approve this proposal this round. Looking forward to more people learning about ICON technology.