CPS Contribution Proposal investments and amount


I believe from Icon inflation at least 10% - 20% should go to development fund of CPS. Basically Icon depends on development. How are inflation funds spent?
I do not know how much is inflation but I suppose it is not small.

ICX burning should not be done on behalf of development.


The vote on inflation allocations will be done closer to ICON 2.0 launch. There are four categories

  • P-Reps
  • CPS
  • Voters
  • Relays

We will divide 100% amongst those four categories and decide an annual inflation amount of ICX. We are targeting under 5% and will share specifics closer to launch.

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I want less than 4%
However, I do not want to increase the transaction fee.
This is a big advantage of the icon, and even if the icx price rises, it makes it possible to overcome the shortcomings of Ethereum.

Incineration p-rep is quite popular.

Let’s reduce node rewards and staking rewards by 30%! This not only increases the value of our icx, but also lowers downside pressure, making icx practically more valuable. Even if the reward is reduced by 30%, it is not insufficient!

And after icon 2.0 full operation, icx supply should not be changed by anyone. That way, icx is truly worth it.

I agree. Inflation as much lower as possible (actually, inflation is good as long as it is not high and as long as it is used for production (development, marketing) and not to dump on market, for example giving coins to non productive p reps that dump on market and buy other coins). My posting above was just from coins than inflow market, a lot should go to development. Inflation may be good for some time, if you use it for production, for development of great product(s). But if you use it for p reps salary just for the sake of them having salary without big effort, I disagree with it.
Also p reps earnings. They should be payed based on performance and not based on p rep status. This is how all companies do. If they perform well, they have better earnings, if they cannot do contributions, minimum payments. And by minimum I really think minimum, like 100-300 ICX. I think maintenance operating fee should be payed but other than that, they should be evaluated for contributions.

Thanks for the feedback - will consider this during ICON 2.0 inflation vote. Be sure to participate and voice your opinion during that discussion

I have a question Benny how come ICX Icon isn’t a part of Aircoins the augmented reality treasure hunt Binance owns? I think this is where some of binance node rewards should go for staking since they pay no staking reward on binance.us for holding like they do for other coins Tezos Eos Qutum even ONE Harmony has a reward for holding 10,000!! Having ICX become a part of Aircoins would get Icon more exposure and brand name known by humans… Great Tech people now need ways to find it…