CPS Console Improvement Ideas

I’m specifically referencing the application part of the CPS platform: CPS Console

My main goal for these improvements are to remove barriers of entry for external developers, improve the quality of proposals submitted and improve the overall UX for: Developers, PReps and Community Members.

  1. Header
  • We need a place to show the treasury balances, and which period it is
  1. Dashboard
  • Displays information to users logged in w/ wallet
  1. Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Off-chain
  • A place for the community to place requests for what types of projects they think the ICON ecosystem needs.
  1. Proposal Draft
  • Off-chain
  • A place for users to submit their proposal drafts/ideas (as opposed to the forum). These drafts would be editable and community members/P-Reps could comment on them, helping shape high-quality proposals.
  • Would open new window rather than a pop-up
  1. Sponsor Request
  • Off-chain
  • Flipped from the current process, proposal sponsorships would be open to all participating P-Reps and P-Reps would request to become a sponsor for projects. This removes the barrier of entry for external teams trying to identify P-Reps to sponsor them, and creates a competitive environment where projects choose the P-Rep that will give them the highest chance of success.
  • Maybe these Sponsors pay the application fee?
  1. Proposals
  • On-chain
  • Once a sponsorship is accepted, proposals are officially submitted and moved to this section during the Application Period, to be voted on during the Voting Period.
  1. Progress Reports
  • On-chain
  • Active projects are automatically moved to this section, continuing to update on their proposal’s progress and being voted on during the Voting Period to receive funding.
  1. History
  • A place to review completed CPS projects (and possibly review voting history for P-Reps?)
  • Being able to see all the previous proposals and their outcomes on one tab/page. Each finished project should have a link to the finished projects + some video/images of the finished project being used provided by the proposing team.
  1. Statistics
  • More detailed statistics for the CPS, both for proposals and its treasury
  • number of participating PReps, amount of ICX burned, amount of ICX funded, $ value funded, # of different projects funded, # of different teams funded
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We could also do something similar to Reddit upvoting/downvoting, where the more upvotes an RFP has the “higher priority” it will seem to external teams