[Contribution Proposal] Fighting hackers and scammers with Uppsala Security

  1. Project Category: Development

  2. Project Description

Technology that makes people feel safe. Established in January 2018, Uppsala Security’s mission is to prevent criminal activities from happening and mitigate the damages when they do happen by using affordable and effective security solutions. Our project built the first crowdsourced Threat Intelligence platform known as the Sentinel Protocol, powered by blockchain technology. Supporting the framework is a team of security analysts and researchers, who aim to deliver a safely interconnected experience with a suite of solutions that meet the compliance standards of the cybersecurity industry.

In light of the recent ongoing scams and impersonators within the ICON Network community but also motivated to contribute to a safer online space, we decided to be pro-active by sharing our Contribution Proposal focused on implementing working cybersecurity solutions that will improve the overall security of the ICON Ecosystem and will prevent the loss of funds by ICX community members.

With the following solutions, we aim to provide safer ICX transactions and protect the ICON community:

:shield: Integration of the Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API with the official ICONex Wallet

Wallet services today have limited ability to prevent users from accepting or sending crypto funds to malicious addresses. By integrating the Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API within the ICONex wallet, these issues can be easily solved, since ICX token owners will be able to query the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) in real time. The blockchain-based Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) is the backbone of our cybersecurity solutions, storing curated crowdsourced data related to the latest cyber threats.

  • The API will enable the ICONex wallet to query the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB), whitelists and blacklists (Millions of security indicators);

  • ICONex wallet users will be automatically notified when interacting with a blacklisted ICX wallet address, and therefore preventing the transactions with malicious actors;

  • The ICF uses STIX, a standardization format widely recognized internationally (will no longer need to run multiple threat intelligence checks);

  • ICX community members can report cybersecurity incidents within the Sentinel Portal, and security experts will start investigating the cases. Any confirmed data will then be stored in the TRDB and therefore contribute to a safer ICONex wallet.

:shield: Integration of Uppbot within the official ICON Project Telegram channel

At Uppsala Security we always strive to built cybersecurity solutions that are pinpointing the most urgent needs within an ecosystem. This being said, we could not oversee the huge amount of digital assets that were lost due to scams over the years, with a large portion happening on social media platforms like Telegram. Unfortunately, these scams continue to happen as impersonators take advantage of the new users in the blockchain ecosystem that do not cease to join the industry.

Uppbot is a Telegram bot that acts like a cybersecurity expert active around the clock and is able to recognize any wallet address, telephone number, URL or social media account that was reported and registered as malicious in the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB). The bot automatically detects and reports within the Telegram channel whenever a user tries to share malicious data or impersonate a certain user/ P-Rep and therefore prevents members of the ICON Telegram channel from interacting with malicious parties. This ultimately leads to less ICX funds being lost due to scammers and impersonators.

Why Uppsala Security?

  • Strong team of security experts;
  • Pioneers in the blockchain cybersecurity space;
  • Designed a decentralized data hub that now has more than 1 Million security indicators;
  • Developed working cybersecurity products that have been already proven successful;
  • Created a cybersecurity app that is now available on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.
  1. Project Duration

The total amount of time required for the previously mentioned integration phases will be approximately 2 months.

  1. Project Milestones (dates are approximate depending on when the project starts)

16.03.2020 - 10.04.2020: Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API testing and integration with the official ICONex wallet;

13.04.2020 - 24.04.2020: Testing and integration of Uppbot within the official ICON Project Telegram channel;

27.04.2020 - 01.05.2020: Press release, Medium article and ongoing promotion of the ICF API integration and Uppbot implementation for the ICON Project on the Uppsala Security social channels and mediums (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Blockfolio Signal, Delta Direct, Coingecko Beam and Korean Newsletter)

  1. Funding Amount Requested

The total amount required for the project is 15.000,00 USD (equivalent in ICX)

  1. Official Team Name:

Uppsala Security

  1. Team Contact Information

Website: uppsalasecurity.com

E-mail: info@uppsalasecurity.com; ilinca@uppsalasecurity.com

Uppsala Security Forum: https://forum.sentinelprotocol.io

Twitter: @UPPSentinel

  1. Public Address


Hello Uppsala! Thank you for applying to our program. Our team has checked your proposal and we come up with questions:

  • How do you know which is a scam address and which is not?
  • Do you already have a list of scammer addresses on ICON?
  • Do you have a functioning product we can test?

We would appreciate it if you could check these questions and answer the questions. We look forward to your response. Many thanks!

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Hi @BongAnHa,

Thank you very much for your answer and for the addressed questions. Please find our answers below:

1. How do you know which is a scam address and which is not?

We have cybersecurity researchers that verify each new submitted case. With offices in both Singapore and South Korea, our team is active around the clock in order to make sure that both blacklisted and whitelisted cases are registered in our decentralized data hub so that users can benefit from the information as soon as possible. If you would like to find our more about the Threat Reputation Database, please check the following link: https://uppsalasecurity.com/trdb

2. Do you already have a list of scammer addresses on ICON?

The Threat Reputation Database currently has over 1 Million indicators (wallet addresses, URLs and social accounts), including whitelisted and blacklisted data. This includes also data that was submitted by ICON users until now.

If the proposal will be accepted, our security experts can start collecting Intel on the ICX crypto address. Also, ICON community members that want to report and blacklist or whitelist a wallet address, URL or social account can do so anytime and free of charge by using the following link: https://portal.sentinelprotocol.io/create/case?pattern=

3. Do you have a functioning product we can test?

Yes, we have multiple functioning products at the moment. Please keep in mind that all these products have as backbone the Threat Reputation Database, the same data hub that can be accessed through the ICF API and Uppbot.

:shield: Sentinel Protocol App for Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Please find out more about the DApp here: https://sentinelmobile.uppsalasecurity.com

:shield: The UPPward Extension

UPPward is a browser extension available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge browsers: https://uppward.sentinelprotocol.io

Please find below an example of data that is already available when using the UPPward Extension:

  1. Official and legitimate ICON website (the Extension icon on the right side is green, meaning that the URL was whitelisted and is the official and safe one)

  1. This is how a scamming/phishing website that tried to impersonate the official ICON website is shown when users access the URL. Also, the extension icon on the right side is red, showing that the URL was blacklisted.

:shield: The Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API

One of the wallets that already uses the ICF API is Midas Wallet (10,000+ installs): https://bit.ly/3b3yQkC

:shield: UPPbot is a new security product in our range that was not yet implemented for any other project, so if our proposal will be accepted, the official ICON Telegram account will be one of the the first ones to benefit from innovative increased security.

At the end we would like to emphasize that by using the products suggested in our Contribution Proposal, the ICON Project will be able to save a substantial amount of ICX tokens that otherwise could be stolen by hackers and scammers and therefore irreversibly lost by ICON Community members.

Thank you and in case you need any other information from our side, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Uppsala Security Team

Hi @BongAnHa,

I hope our message finds you well!

We just wanted to follow up on our previous post and kindly remind you that in case you have any further questions and concerns we are more than happy to answer them. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Uppsala Security Team