Conquer the casino world through the bridge (Propose content to iconbet)

As long as icon 2.0 Bridge is present, it is in more favorable conditions than other blockchain casinos. Conquering the casino will be huge money.
I suggest one content (strategy
turn game)
A cartoonist called Yu-Gi-Oh came out about 20 years ago. Currently, my nephews also play Yu-Gi-Oh.I was in school, and I enjoyed it with my friends. In the current game, it is similar to Hearthstone. I enjoyed it with my friend, and I did this without studying at school. kk
It would be more fun to play games with someone than to play them alone, right?

Wouldn’t it be more competitive than other casinos if there was a game betting with a team structure like this?
Sometimes it’s about teaming up with friends and sometimes with people you don’t know, they bet and iconbet collects commissions as a broker.
ex) 3% of the winner’s net profit

If I win, I think I will enjoy the other contents of iconbet.

It would be more fun if you could connect by voice Between teams.

Also, maybe they could use this in case of trouble with the big business rights…?

A sudden thought.
How about collecting cards through nft as well and being able to use them for gambling with the collected cards?

Please refer to the 1st Yu-Gi-Oh and Hearthstone
This is a 20 year game!

I’m not with ICONbet whatsoever but I think this is a very niche market compared to the actual gambling world, roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, is WAY bigger than card games.

If @ICONbet_Community could become a “regular” casino in the eyes of the user, it’s already a huge win.
Having to buy BTC on Coinbase, send it to Binance, buy ICX there, then transfer to your wallet and only then you could play on ICONbet, it’s a huge hassle. Bridge is gonna eliminate this process.

However, the gambling industry loves Skrill and Paypal to go gambling in online casinos, and I don’t think that will be possible with Bridge.

I think the same thing, but I can’t think that a few years later, technology like bridges is only in icons.
In addition to the usual casino games, I think that iconbet’s own games should be prepared in advance. This is because such games take a long time to develop.
it need one untired game like League of Legends (20 years game)