Coinkit Tipbot Integration

Coinkit Tipbot Integration

Hello Icon Community. We are the team of the company Blockcurators GmbH from Germany and are seeking funds to integrate Icon into our Coinkit.
We offer a tipbot as a service with support for different communication platforms.
As soon as the integration is active, everyone can use the tipbot in their discord, slack or telegram giving more exposure and visibility to your coin.
In contrast to many other common tipbots, all of our transactions are on the blockchain and our integration offers a variety of features.
To view a demonstration of the many features which are available today, please visit our website
We have already successfully integrated other crypto currencies like Binance Coin, Qtum,Digibyte, Nexus, Feathercoin, Bittube or Trezarcoin and received only positive feedback so far.

Our Key advantages are:

  • Support for many different Plattforms
  • Insurance for all Coins stored on the tipbot up to the proposal value
  • Direct Support and Developer Contact
  • Continous Development: Every hour of Development work benefits every Member of Coinkit
  • We are growing rapidly thus you can expect rapid feature grow within the next years
  • It’s a Product not a Side Project so it won’t be abandoned anytime soon
  • Audit is possible: You can get a list of all Accounts and a confirmation that the coins are still there any time
  • Support for unlimited Users and Installation
  • Extensive Documentation at our above website and with !tiphelp

Tipbot Feature summary:

  • Integrated Platforms today: Slack, Discord, Telegram, Twitter
  • Common Tip commands like: !balance, !deposit, !tip
  • Uncommon Tip commands like: !tip @channel, !coingiveaway
  • Market/Coin informations with: !price and !convert
  • Games included like ( Rock, Paper, Scissors ) - Currently Slack only

So far we have over 100.000 tips this month and our feature of monetized Tweets (Every retweet will instantly receive the given amount of coins, its fully automated and ends after the amount has been paid out) has gained a lot of traffic.

Project Duration

We would probably need around 2 weeks for the integration and are fine with a payment after the successful integration.

We are requesting $6000 in Icon for the Integration. This Payment is for one year of service afterwards we would start a new proposal for the next year.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us per Email: or just give our bot a try on twitter ( coinkit_ ).

Kind regards,

Blockcurators Team

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Is your tipbot custodial? If so, then I presume you have KYC for all users in accordance with AMLD5?

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Hi Thomas,
thanks for your question. Yes the tipbot is custodial. Since we are based in Germany we have to follow the german law on this matter. As we dont interact with any fiat money and only enable transactions below the specific monetary value we dont have to implement kyc for our users.
If this would change with the new national directive, we would of course inform our customers beforehand and give them the opportunity to withdraw their coins.

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This proposal is applied to the ICON Community Grant program. ICON Foundation is going to review this proposal and leave the Review Result Comments on this post. Thanks.

Thanks for considerating our proposal. If any questions are open feel free to post them here. Regardless of the outcome we are happy to hear back from you.

Hi there, this is Ben from ICON.
Could you please write more detail about your funding so we can review it? thanks

  • The main cost point of the integration is the development time that we have already spent on developing CoinKit. We basically took the cost of development on ourselves to deliver a fully fledged product and not a prototype. This enables us to provide you with all the functionality to your community within a few days without a long development time.

  • For this we charge the main part of our fees. Other minor posts of this proposal are

    • Integrating your Coin into CoinKit
    • Server Costs and backups
    • Testing your Coin against all of the Platforms
    • Full support of all your users that use CoinKit
    • Developing and implementing new features that you can request from us
    • Coins for testing purposes
    • Cost for the Insurance of your Coins backed by the “Versicherungskammer Bayern” one of the biggest Insurance companies in germany
  • Total Cost:
    6000$ = 40678.4 ICX

  • Our funding address is:

  • We would also agree in order to create a basis of trust, to receive the funding only after successful integration, so that no risk for the icon foundation or community arises.

  • Another point we would like to mention, we are a “Gesellschafft mit beschränkter Haftung” (GmbH) registered in the German commercial register and for this reason we are of course also able to issue an invoice if desired.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them here.

Kind regards,
Sven van Gelder
Blockcurators GmbH

Hi there, I like your idea and everything but in fact we cannot give out ICX because they asked that much. therefore, please convince us why you should get paid $6000 per year and why is it worth more than $6000. thanks

Hi ben,

Thanks for your answer.

You can see our multifunctional tipbot as a great tool for the community to interact with each other while at the same time having a powerful marketing tool on Twitter.

We like to be as transparent as possible, that is why we have a real-time dashboard with all public available stats shown.

CoinKit has more than 10k active users & gathered already 8k+ Followers on Twitter alone which is growing rapidly which can also be seen on the Dashboard. CoinKit is at 500k~ transactions overall and already alone at 300k~ transactions in january 2020.

CoinKit Twitter has ~1.2M interactions per month rapidly growing while showing no signs of slowing down.

As said all transactions are on-chain transaction which can be seen as an example on Trezarcoin, you can clearly see where TZC got lifted up by CoinKit:

I would like to take DGB as an example for Marketing on Twitter, we’ve added them in December 2019 and they have improved a lot on their social score on Twitter:

Twitter examples for the exposure CoinKit gives:

Also an exclusive insight on the Trezarcoin update release post:

All in all we think we have created the perfect tool to let social media users seamlessly experience their first interaction with crypto currencies. It’s easy to use, you dont have to sign up or use any wallet and are ready to go within seconds.

As we said before we invested thousands of hours to create a tipbot with such a vast variety of functions and this cost was carried by ourselves. We know it would be much too expensive for one coin or one community, that’s the reason we decided to implement multiple coins so the cost gets affordable for everyone. We are very invested and enthusiastic in our product and for that reason we also offer almost 24/7 support per discord or mail if any problems should arise.

We would love to have Icon and it’s big community on board. If you need any clarification let us know.

Kind regards,
Blockcurators GmbH

One more thing we forgot to add: 6000$ would be for the first year since we have the initial work of integrating Icon but afterwards we can lower the price significantly.

Looking forward for feedback.

Thanks for the reply. Is there anyway I can test this out before we accept it. and one more thing, What is the estimated cost after the 1st year?


Hi Ben,

Thanks again for your interest. You can follow or dm our bot on twitter and see/try it first hand.
The help command should get you started and our extended wiki is found under:

If you give me your twitter handle I can even tip you some of the other coins to get you started :wink:

I think we can lower the price to around 4000-4500 $ after the first year. It mainly depends of the costs of our servers which are of course dependend of the amount of usage (which we hope is high within the icon community) :smiley:

Kind regards,
Blockcurators GmbH

Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

This project are very interesting, however, we feel like it can be made by community members and are not interested in paying a 3rd party service

Hi BongAnHa,

That’s of couse sad to hear for us but nevertheless thanks for the valuable feedback.

The reason for the rejection is of course one we hear more than once, every coin prefers the service to be made by community members and that’s of course reasonable.

I want to take this opportunity to explain why we chose to multi-coin path instead of focusing on one community. If we had to guess how much money and time we invested into our bot it certainly would be in the low six figure dollar amount. That’s a sum most communities don’t want to and often even can’t expend. With our multicoin approach every community only pays a small part of the total and the cost stays reasonable. Furthermore with this approach we have the opportunity to work full time on our bot and develop new features every week (just in the last month we added QR-Codes you can redeem and the function of full automated giveaways).
Additionally, we are not exposed to price fluctuations of the individual coins. A phenomenon we have seen in many bots originally developed by the community, but then neglected, as soon as the price falls, interest disappears and the bot is not developed further.
Finally, for the development of a twitter bot, an official corporate structure is essential. Without our registration as a GmbH in Germany, which requires a minimum investment of 25.000 €, our twitter account would have suffered the same fate as many other bots, it would have been banned for spam.

Again thank you and Ben for taking the time to consider our proposal. If you are still interested in an integration in the future you can of course contact us.

Best of luck to all of you and the ICON community.

Kind regards,
Sven van Gelder
CFO Blockcurators GmbH