Claim Rewards in Balanced home of ICONX

Hi ! I’m still new . I have been trying to claim my rewards for the past 2 days. I have not managed to get pass the transfer section. I entered my password, then pressed the transfer button, but nothing happens. I worked before. For a month I had no problems, only now. My Rewards are accumulating but I can’t get it to be claimed. I’m stuck. I would appreciate it if someone could help. THANKS
*NB: It says Transfer amount: 0 ICX / 0 USD

How much ICX do you have in the wallet?

You need to have a minimum of about 1.25 ICX in your wallet to sign transactions. I keep 2 ICX in there just to be safe. The step limit is set to max on Balanced and hence the estimated fee is much larger than the actual cost (1-2 cents or less as usual).

If you’ve any additional Balanced queries your best bet would be ask in their Telegram group as the team are very active there.

There’s also a Balanced sub-reddit where you could look through the FAQ’s or create a post with any queries.

THANKS. It was because of the amount of ICX in my wallet. It’s solved.


Great, glad to hear you’re sorted. Best of luck with it👍