Chrome Extension for ICON trackers

A chrome-extension that changes addresses to names

It can be a hard to keep track of addresses in the trackers, especially while developing. Some trackers already show the name of P-Reps instead of the hx6824892894bablablabl892389jdasj921.

I will build a chrome-extension which you can use to save known addresses and with a click of a button swap the addresses on the page to the names you saved the addresses as.

Requested funding:
2000 bnUSD

1 month

I’d suggest working with Rob from Sudoblock to integrate this feature directly into the Tracker UI. You can make a pull request to the repo directly -

IMO this doesn’t need to be in an external Chrome extension because it wouldn’t work in Safari. Not sure it would work on mobile devices either.

Indeed, this functionality does not need to be a Chrome extension, but a Chrome extension is what I am offering.

For me it’s the most efficient way to get that kind of functionality atm.

According to by far most people are using Chrome as a browser.

To me it would be a bit odd to reject the proposal for the reasons that it won’t work on Safari or that is should be implemented directly into the tracker; 7 / 10 people use Chrome and the functionality I’m offering is not implemented into the tracker.

For who might be interested; the proposal is live: