CELEBRITY Candidates: Choosing an ICON CEO and CFO

Spartan node’s recent MEME competition made me revisit this idea. This might sound crazy but these days nothing should be written off…

There have been allot of CEOs lately stepping down from their glorious positions i.e. Jeff Bezos and since Dogecoin has shown the incredible impact of a (tech) celebrity jokingly taking an executive position of its currency/blockchain. I think there is huge potential here. I believe we ought to claim not just one but two celebrities on social media, specifically on twitter as our CEO and CFO.

We need an ICON that is a BILLIONAIRE capable of increasing our market cap to that amount. We need someone that is controversial but still able to transcend public discussion. They often fit into the social network like a rhizome. We need someone who is a trend setter, with various accomplishments to their name. We need someone who is bold and bullish but still loved by fans and still capable of gaining the attention of the general public. We need some with a vision. Who hasn’t been in the media for some time but completely captures the limelight every time he or she gets under it. We need someone with various connections to all facets of life and industries.

CEO Candidate: Kanye West

Kanye West is worth $5Billion dollars and that means we want to aspire to increase our market cap to that figure


Besides been a cultural icon and multi-platinum record artists, he is a successful business man who has created various successful brands and products in music, fashion and technology. YE made the headlines last year with his vision to be the president of United States. What people seem to miss is just how bullish he is when he sets himself on a path or vision. He has shown to outperform his most damning critics, always beating the odds against him and this drive mustn’t be underestimated.

I think there is allot of opportunity here to get Kanye to embrace the ICON network because he is a global icon deserving the legendary status and can be a strong ambassador for the vision of ICON. Let’s not forget, if he does ever get into the white house or starts his own economy, he would much rather run it on the best blockchain network today :slight_smile:

Kanye West and Elon Musk are good friends. This is great in terms of degrees of separation or association since Elon Musk is already celebrated in the crypto space. The hip-hop culture has several famous rivalries from tupac/biggy to JayZ/Nas
I think this is the perfect setup to try and get a fun, entertaining rivalry going between Elon Musk and Kanye West that could get our network in the minds of many. (Just recently both billionaires have announced they will be joining clubhouse app)

I also thought we can be the first network to have a bill, this will be the only note in one denomination i.e. the 100ICX. It will serve as the bare minimum you should have in your account if you don’t want to miss our rocket to the moon. We could come up with some tags for this #100icx, #legendarYE.

Wouldnt it be amazing if Kanye replaced is twitter profile picture with ICON and give himself the title as CEO of ICON

This is simply to generate hype on social media. I think he momentum should be followed with a 360 campaign for ICON 2.0 and all the coming dapps.

ICON 2.0 is
almost here. @ommfinance
CEO loading… @kanyewest

iconicxhub (@iconicxhub) February
12, 2021


I will reveal my candidate for our CFO in the coming days. If you have a celebrity in mind who you think represents or can be an ambassador for the ICON network. I would love to hear your thoughts.

An idea would be to start sharing the picture of Elon Musk and Kanye (above) on social media with the icon and dogecoin on their shirts with the tag WHO HAS THE BETTER CRYPTO to generate some hype.


This is the greatest post in the history of the icon forums


Great creativity ! haha

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Is there a way to have videos show up here in the forum?

I can definitly see the effort you put behind this so here are some suggestion hoping it might help.
If you want this to reach virality status some big Twitter handles will have to play the game too and it would have to be somehow coordinated.
Personnaly I think that as ICON is Korean based it would have been easier to associate its image to KPOP ( and promote it in such a way as we know that KPOP fans are worldwide and very active).
The thing with Doge Is that Elon played the game and kept people entertained wich I am not sure YE would do.
But who knows what might happen its crazy times out there.

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Personally, I would like IU to promote ICON as a supporter.
IU is a neat person who is also an ambassador for the National Tax Service in Korea. Besides, it’s pretty. kk

I am not joking.
If you can’t find a CEO right now, how about finding a supporter or mascot first?

I recommend taking in as an IU supporter.
The IU is the definitive check of success.
It is a success if IU is included in albums and advertisements. There are too many people in Korea who like IU.
I also know that IU is popular in other countries as well.

Ex) iconfi, Bridge Pay model

I will call any celebrity that chooses to support the ICON network a brand ambassador. We can have celebrities from various regions of the world so UI support having various faces to the network i.e. IU. The important thing is to have a strong relationship with the ethos and vision of the network.

A small valentine’s gift: New MEME for the community. Like and Retweet :slight_smile:

Not sure why this is not promoted more within the community. The first clip gives you a sense of unity, it’s really awesome. We should make 100ICX trending, a goal which we should achieve together

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This is by far the dumbest idea I have heard… go change to Tron and follow Justin if you think that’s how a long term value adding company is built. This is something BitBurger would come up with wtf… let the people who currently are in charge run the show as this is just embarrassing

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WOW! I just saw now that this was written by Spartan Node which I had a pretty good impression of as a P-Rep node. I was about to move 300K votes to you guys (as discussed in the twitter yesterday inbox), but thanks for making that choice easy for me

I am not with Spartan node. I am an independent player at the moment who wants to see ICON succeed.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is whom we need to bring onboard to trailblaze Icons way to new heights. Running for 2032 President of the US and living threw 1990’s when The Rock and Stone Cold took things mainstream… What are fellow Iconists thoughts?

Who knows the right person to make this anything but a new reality, Running a TV Show Young Rock sharing his life and becoming more transparent earning more of the Peoples Trust following Rock over 20 years A great father man and friend a real inspiration and voice for the people… Dwayne Johnson

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