BTP Name Service

Can the ENS model be applied to ICON or even to the entire BTP Network?

*This is not a formal proposal, but here’s an idea for the community.

We’ve all observed the power of ENS from a utility and advertising perspective. Since BTP is going to be as fundamental to blockchain as the TCP/IP protocol, doesn’t it make sense to have BTP Name Service?

I would much rather have “Max.BTP” to “Max.ETH”.

Some Background on ENS:

Crypto addresses are long strings of numbers and letters designed to be read by computers. We all know how often these addresses have led to confusion and even loss of funds.

The Ethereum Name Service, or ENS, is a distributed technology based on the Ethereum blockchain that provides an elegant solution to long and confusing crypto addresses: one URL, just like a website name or email, that represents a crypto address.

ENS maps the long public address crypto users are familiar with and replaces it with a simple name that is easy to read and easy to remember. Something cumbersome like, “0xDC25EF3F5B8A186998338A2ADA83795FBA2D695E” becomes as simple as “Alice.eth.”

ENS takes the same concept of the Domain Name Service (DNS), which mapped simple website names to their IP addresses, to make crypto addresses easy to read and share.

  • ENS is composed of two Ethereum smart contracts: the ENS registry, which records domain names, and the Resolver, which translates domain names to machine-readable addresses and vice-versa.

  • Like in the early days of DNS names, users are rushing to secure their ENS domains before they become unavailable.

  • ENS supports .com, .org, .io, .app and more.

Note: I’m not a developer so forgive me if there are technical implications to this proposal that make it not feasible.


Interesting thoughts mate.

If anyone is wanting to experiment with Icon name service, you can check out WalletX:


Didn’t know about this, thanks!


This is dope. Have you used it before?

I didn’t even know this existed! :exploding_head:
Have you used it & why haven’t we as a community promoted this more?

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I think it is good to increase the number of users by integrating the good functions of the wallet and mounting various convenient functions (messengers, etc.)

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@Yeol Agreed. It might be cool to see if there’s a good way to suggest that to the WalletX team