Bridge and ICON documentation | Periodic reports

Report name

Bridge and ICON documentation | Report 1/6

Reporting period

August 5 - September 12

Report description

As mentioned in our grant proposal, we plan to complete Bridge before moving on to the ICON documentation. Here’s what we’ve completed for Bridge since the beginning of the project:

  • Created the Bridge brand
  • Designed the core user flows (sign in, KYC, deposit, send) and various other parts of the widget UI
  • Built the designs in HTML and CSS
  • Outlined the Bridge website content

Here’s where that puts our project milestones:

  • Branding - 85% completed
  • UI/UX design - 70% completed
  • Front-end markup - 70% completed
  • Website - 25% completed
  • Marketing and support materials - 0% completed

Project completion percentage


Remaining time to completion

8 weeks

Expected results for the next period

We’ll spend the next period finalising the widget design. This will include additional designs and markup for handling multiple currencies, depositing/withdrawing, and signing transactions, as well as tweaking the development prototype to make sure it’s as polished as possible for the release.

We’ll also continue working on the website, and expect to have it fully designed and built, pending a final polish and content review.

Here’s where we expect our project milestones to be by the end of the next period:

  • Branding - 85% completed
  • UI/UX design - 100% completed
  • Front-end mark up - 100% completed
  • Website - 90% completed
  • Marketing and support materials - 20% completed

Materials proving progress on the project

We’ve published most of the widget designs on a development website, which we’ll share with BongAn through Telegram.

Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Thank you for your effort.