Blobble: an in-browser NFT Game with Tokenomics

What is Blobble?
In short: Blobble is a “Tamagotchi like” NFT Game in which the goal is to maintain a character.( Tamagotchi - Wikipedia )
A working beta-version is already built, most of the functionality described in this article is already working.

The Blobble Universe is a happy cartoon in-browser world. The happiness of each little Blobble is determined by how well Iconists and Snow-ers take care of it.

A Blobble is an NFT (ERC721 standard) character built with pure HTML. A user can generate a Blobble on the website. When generating a Blobble the website generates random HTML (style)characteristics.

generating a blobble gif
actual footage beta-version

If a user likes the generated Blobble he/she can mint a NFT whereby the HTML code gets hexified and set as the URI-value of the NFT. There is no IPFS service involved, every browser can render HTML so a Blobble NFT is as decentralized as can be. Minting will cost a user $SNOW. At the moment of writing the cost of minting a Blobble will be approx $25,- dollars of $SNOW. (more on the distribution of funds in the tokenomics section later on in this article)

actual image beta-version

On minting a Blobble the “birth block” of the Blobble gets mapped to the Blobble NFT ID. This way the age of a Blobble can be easily calculated ( birth block - last block ).

Breeding & BTP
Initially Blobbles can be bred(minted) on the Snow Blockchain but we aim for cross-breeding Blobbles using BTP. For example: Giving a Blobble special DNA(characteristics) when a Blobble gets created by combining a Blobble minted on chain a with a Blobble minted on chain b.

Maintaining your Blobble
On minting a new Blobble there is also an onchain ‘food,drink and love’ balance mapped to each Blobble. Using the age and these balances the “state” of the Blobble is being calculated. For example; Is your Blobble hungry? Or does your Blobble need some love?

You maintain your Blobble by sending transactions to add to the score-balances. You can choose for the cheap way of maintaining by making a daily(ish) empty transaction for each of the three balances or you can pay some $BMT (Blobble Maintenance Token) to fill all three balances of your Blobble at once. The amount of $BMT you need to pay depends on how lazy you are. If you want to fill all three balances for a day, you’ll pay less than if you want to fill the balances for a week, or a month.

both are actual beta-version images

We expect that users get (emotionally) invested in their Blobbles by keeping their Blobble “alive”, be it by the “cheap way” of only paying transaction fees, and they will eventually choose to pay some $BMT to fill the score-balances of their Blobble for a longer period. The age of your Blobble will be prominently visible at the front-end.

When you neglect your Blobble and the score-balance / age ratio crosses a certain point your Blobble will be put up for adoption in the Blobble Orphanage. Other users can adopt your Blobble (without your permission, you are the one who neglected the poor thing!) for a certain price, to be paid in $SNOW. (more on the distribution of funds in the tokenomics section below)

Blobble Market
Users can put up their Blobbles for sale or sell their Blobble by accepting offers done by other users. The seller will pay a 10% fee of the sales-price. (more on the distribution of funds in the tokenomics below)

We aim for a 60/20/20 division on all transactions within the Blobble ecosystem. 60% will be divided between Blobble Governance Token ($BGT) stakers. 20% will go to the Blobble Foundation and 20% will go to the Liquidity Pool Reserve Wallet (which will be governed by the Blobble Foundation initially). When more is known about the BTP-workings the tokenomics can expand cross-chain.

Payments for minting a new Blobble will be done using $SNOW. The amount paid will be distributed automatically according to the 60/20/20 ratio, this is defined in the smart contracts. The price per Blobble will be approx 25 dollar. Note that the Blobble Foundation has the possibility to change the price of minting a Blobble.

Payments for maintaining a Blobble will be done using $BMT. The amount paid will be distributed automatically according to the 60/20/20 ratio, this is defined in the smart contracts. Note that users could also maintain their Blobbles without using $BMT, by manually sending daily empty transactions for all the three score-indexes (food, drink & love).

There will be a liquidity pool and swap option for a $SNOW - $BMT pair on the Blobble website and after BTP is live also on Balanced, obviously.

Liquidity Pool Reserve
20% of all payments will go to the Liquidity Pool Reserve (LPR). The Blobble Foundation will use this reserve to maintain a healthy level of liquidity within the Blobble ecosystem.

The Blobble Staking Token is the token that can be staked on the staking contract. The 60% of each payment done in $SNOW and $BMT will be directly distributed to, and claimable by, stakers (/stakeholders). $BST will initially be sold on the Blobble website by the Blobble Foundation for approx 1 dollar a piece (the Blobble Foundation has the option to change the price of the BST’s they have for sale.

There will be only 1 million $BST minted.
We expect that after BTP is live there will be a liquidity pool created for $BST on Balanced.
To incentivize people to stake $BST the 60% of the minting revenue reserved for stakers will only be divided fully among stakers when > 25% of the $BST is staked. If this condition is not met the Blobble Foundation will receive 30% of the 60% in the Marketing Wallet. This money will be used by the Blobble Foundation for marketing purposes (mostly Google Ads, Twitter and influencers).


Google Ads
We want to spend 5000 dollars on a Google Ads plan created by marketing agency X to generate clicks towards the Blobble website.

We want to create a discord bot that rewards people for interacting in the Blobble discord. Discord rewards can be swapped for Blobble Maintenance Tokens ($BMT). There will also need to be a (paid) Discord Community manager.

We want to create a bot that will reward people with $BMT when they tweet about for example minting a new Blobble.

Marketing will be a continuously evolving process of aiming, assessing and adjusting.

The Blobble Foundation
The entity that guides the Blobble Project towards it goals. It controles the marketing wallets but also the wallet(s) that can for example adjust the minting price of a Blobble

Guide the Blobble project towards a self sustaining & community-driven universe.

Creating a fun, fair, transparent and community-driven Blobble meta-verse in which value is created by and for users.

Make Blobbles a well known brand in the crypto community because of its fun, fairness and transparency.

At the moment of writing the Blobble Foundation consists of only Paul Rouge. The creator and thus far, only developer of the Blobble Project. Paul has over 10 years experience as a business owner and devoted the past years to programmering and blockchain development. Now that the Blobble project is coming together, the goal is to find a party that can help take it to the next level. Keeping the above mentioned mission,vision and goals of the Blobble Foundation.

Paul has been working on several projects and is familiar with Javascript, React, Python, Golang and Solidity.

“Although it has been more or less a one-man-mission so far, I am excited to cooperate and work together with a party of like-minded people on this project.”

Requested Funding

3 months FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) Solidity Development - total: $9000,-
3 months FTE Front-End Development - total: $9000,-
1.5 months FTE Programming Community Incentivize Bots - total: $4000,-
3 months 0.25 FTE Community Manager - total: $2250,-
3 months 0.25 FTE Project Manager - total: $2250,-
Designer / Esthetics Website - total: $ 2500,-
Marketing (Google Ads, Twitter, Influencers) - total: $5000,-