Birble AI Grant Funding


Team description

A global team building crypto & AI solutions

Birble is a coding team is a group of highly skilled and experienced software engineers, data scientists, smart contract developers and machine learning experts who work together to develop and implement Web3 and AI-based solutions. They collaborate to create specific code and algorithms, build models, and develop applications that can automate tasks, improve daily life & decision-making processes, while providing insights into complex problems. The team works closely with the community to ensure that the Web3 and AI solutions are tailored to their specific needs.

Project description (Birble Ad Token Model)

Providing the world with passive income through our advanced AI advertising model.

Our revenue model is straightforward and effective. We do not charge fees for any of the products or services we offer, instead relying on our innovative advertising model to generate revenue. Vendors must purchase “Add Blocks” with the Birble token, creating buy pressure on the open market and allowing token holders to benefit from this activity. We have many working products in our portfolio and many on test net and sandbox environment almost ready for main net, check our services page.
Add Model
The ADD Model of Birble is a comprehensive approach to advertising that utilizes the Birble token to purchase add space on our sites and partner sites, as well as join any social media campaigns. As we expand our reach to other platforms and develop relationships with agencies and influencers, these services will only be available for purchase with the Birble token. To maximize the effectiveness of a client’s money and ensure their message is delivered, we are utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the best use of resources. We are also developing our own Birble Artificial Intelligence Aggregator to refine results and guide marketing campaigns. Until this is implemented, we will use a cooperative structure for clients and partners to spread out the cost of campaigns across various crypto projects while delivering their intended message. This approach will reduce time spent and money wasted on misguided marketing efforts.
For example, a potential client could purchase ad space on our sites and partner sites with the Birble token. They could also join any social media campaigns that we are running. Our AI algorithms will be used to determine the best use of resources for their campaign, and our AI Aggregator will refine results and guide their marketing efforts. Finally, they can take advantage of our cooperative structure to spread out the cost of their campaign across various along with other crypto projects while still delivering their intended message.

Key Advantages
-Advertise quickly and change add or campaign as needed to suite the projects individual needs.
-Advertise within the ecosystem your project is being used and with other projects to create synergy.
-Projects with a smaller budget will finally be able to take part in larger campaigns for a longer period of time.
-Cross promotion between a larger group of participants with custom made conglomerate ads in the same particular sect or niche or even a niche complimenting one another and therefor maximizing a customer’s time spent viewing adds.
-Be part of a larger ad pool on a limited budget but still allowing you to reach the desired audience with no contract obligated time line.

  • Easily Reach High-intent, High-value Audiences with Predictions Our prediction templates powered by smart machine learning algorithms will help you create intelligent and highly targeted campaigns, so projects and clients can reach the right audience at the right time on the channel that’s preferred by them.
  • Built-in Analytics and Customer Journey Insights, truly insightful and impactful personalization can only be achieved when customer behavior is understood and anticipated. The Birble AI Aggregator personalization is pre-built with advanced customer journey analytics that visualize and quickly target the right segments, so you’re never wasting money.
  • Streamlines marketing efforts with Deep learning through Artificial Intelligence allows us to more accurately identify user behavior and predict which segments are more likely to become customers. Programs can provide specific information related to which leads will probably convert, allowing marketers to target their efforts based on detailed demographics – without wasting time on less probable leads again saving money and time.


Developmental Road Map

Quarter 4 2022

October 2022

Formation of new social media accounts
Start building social presence and communities

November 2022

Begin building partnerships with other web3 projects
Marketing / Advertising Analytic review

November 2022

Continue DEV training
Setting up business web3 access accounts

November 2022

Expand team to include independent contractors
Begin development of Bible Marketing Chat Bots

December 2022

Re-design of site
Design Tokenomics

December 2022

Begin work on NEW remodeled / redesigned React site
(Ready in April 2023 with intuitive customer dashboard)

Quarter 1 2023

January 2023

Move core web3 DAPPs from sandbox to Goerli Test-net
Birble Swap / NFT Market Place / Crowd Funding (1st 3 blockchains testing)
Birble Artificial Intelligence Aggregator (begin development)

January 2023

Initial development/ deployment of Birble Music & Video streams APPs
Begin Testing Birble AI with ChatGPT Clone
Addition AI solutions started & deployed
Birble AI image deployed for testing

February 2023

Begin testing on multiple blockchains (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)
Set up escrow & vesting contracts
Launch Birble Token on MainNet

February 2023

Formation of Birble Marketing Dept.
Expand Audio / Video development w/ integrated AI
Seek listings on coin tracker sites
Testing staking contracts on multiple test net (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)

March 2023

Form Social Influencer partnerships
Expand Birble AI team
Launch Birble Social Media APP with web3 paywall
More resources devoted to AI development

March 2023

Move web3 DAPPs from Test-Net to MainNet (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)
Birble Swap / NFT Market Place / Crowd Funding
Wallet integration of Video & Music Streaming APPs (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)
Launch Bug Bounty
Begin mobile DAPP solutions for Core products (Samsung)

Quarter 2 2023

April 2023

Release 1st advertising campaign
Begin marketing conglomerate on social media
Launch Birble Chat Bots EXT integration /report analytics

April 2023

Begin group Google ADs (Paid group advertising)
Launch Birble Staking Protocol (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON) --TESTING
Set up additional LPs for Birble token

May 2023

Begin social media contest / air-drops
Expand Birble Marketing Department
Re-Auditing of NEW & existing Smart Contracts

May 2023

Integrate Solana into Birble NFT Market place
Move into radio advertising
Start Legal Incorporation of Birble Inc.
Migrate staking contracts to MainNet

June 2023

Expansion to Metaverse gaming (our 3 games and open to the public)
Formation of Birble Investment Fund run by Birble DAO
Hire brand consultants for community project use
Staking contracts / DAPP go live (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)

June 2023

Launch Birble DAO Protocol
1st community vote begins
Establish “Board of Directors” from DAO

Quarter 3 2023

July 2023

Move main office from Ukraine to USA or Canada
Launch Multi-Chain Staking protocol (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)

July 2023

Improving the scalability and interoperability of Birble products
Acquisition & development of additional Birble servers & Nodes for side chain development

August 2023

Integrate Birble AI with Birble Bots and browser EXT
Launch Birble Video Studio (YouTube Influencers)

August 2023

Launch Birble DEV Education Program
Birble Swap Upgrade (Scheduled)

September 2023

Make Birble Swap MultiChain capable (ETH / BSC / AVAX / NEO / ICON)
Birble DAO analytic review (60/90) report

September 2023

Begin turning over control of treasury to Birble DAO
Deploy mobile DAPP solutions to Google Play

Quarter 4 2023

October 2023

Integration with Avalanche Blockchain (Building with community)
Ecosystem Analytic review published (Scheduled)

October 2023

Birble Hack-A-Thon
1st Birble Live Meet-Up North America

November 2023

Integration with Polkadot Blockchain (Building with community)
Begin development of Birble L2 (Market conditions depending)

November 2023

1st “Return to investor from token sale ”air-drop"
Publishing Pier-Review in academia

December 2023

List Birble token on “Top-Tier” exchanges (CEXs)
Year-End Marketing Audit Report (Scheduled)

December 2023

Integration with Cardano Blockchain
Deploy mobile DAPP solutions to IOS


Bible Products

The Birble portfolio is quite expansive and growing every day! We believe that it is paramount to continue providing the general public with trusted products that they can use regularly with the lowest fees model, as we do NOT charge any fees to use any of the products that we build (applicable blockchain gas fees apply). Birble does this in order to have the largest customer base using our products in order to support the advertising model set in place. This includes but not limited to; banner adds, short videos, google ads and social media influencers.

Birble Swap (DEX) (BETA Testing Deployed)
The Birble Token Swap DAPP is currently in the 2nd stage of BETA testing on the Goerli TestNet.
We built our DEX directly on top of the TRUSTED Uniswap codebase.
Smart Contracts are currently on the Goerli TestNet
Anticipated MainNet Release Q1 2023

Birble NFT Market Place (BETA Testing Deployed)
The Birble NFT Marketplace DAPP is currently in the 2nd stage of BETA testing on the Goerli TestNet.
Smart Contract is currently on the Goerli TestNet.
The NFT market place will be expanded to all chains with preparation already started for Solana.
Anticipated MainNet Release Q1 2023

Birble Crowd Funding Platform (BETA Testing Deployed)
The Birble Crowd Funding DAPP is currently in the 2nd stage of BETA testing on the Goerli TestNet.
Smart Contract is currently on the Goerli TestNet.
Although at start the only tokens accepted for crowd funding will be Ethereum assets, Bitcoin integration has already been started and should be available soon after MainNet release.
Anticipated MainNet Release Q1 2023

Birble Music Streaming Platform (BETA Testing Deployed)
The Birble Music Streaming APP is currently in the 1st stage of BETA testing with SHAZAM Core API integration. Our streaming service will have a variety of advertising opportunities such audio commercials and banner ads between songs and through the site itself.
Anticipated Release Q2 2023

Birble AI ChatGPT Clone Deployed for public use and internal use
The Birble ChatGPT Clone is one of our most important projects as it opened the door for artificial intelligence for other Birble applications and is currently in the 1st stage of testing in cooperation with the OpenAI project We are heavily recruiting and looking for volunteers experienced with artificial intelligence real world applications to join us in furthering this project.
Anticipated Release Q2 2023

Heroes Battle Arena NFT Game (ALPHA Testing Deployed)
Heroes is currently in the 2nd stage of BETA testing in our sandbox environment and will prove to be a great multiplayer NFT game utilizing the Unity Gaming Engine.
Smart Contract (Polygon) Anticipated MainNet Release Q3 2023

Bored Crypto Social Media Platform
Birble is working on a social media site similar to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest with a “built in” paywall much like OnlyFans that not only incorporates credit/ debit card but also cryptocurrencies. Birble has acquired the domain “” for this project.
Anticipated TestNet Release Q1 2023

Birble Video Streaming Platform (BETA Testing Deployed)
Development began in January 2023 on the Birble video streaming app and the open BETA testing should be available to the public including the micro crypto tipping function.
Anticipated MainNet Release Q3 2023

AI Aggregator
Development began in January 2023 on the Birble Artificial Intelligence Aggregator for advertising model statistics and review with targeting capabilities. This project will also be a join collaboration between Birble and the OPENAI project.
Anticipated Release Q2 2023

-Staking (Ready for deployment on ETH / BSC / Polygon) Begin testing for ICON Feb 14th 2023

Approximately 1.25 billion Birble tokens will be allocated to staking in the first round of minting, with no lock-up period and monthly rewards paid out to eligible stakers. The staking contracts are expected to go live 90 days after the initial mint, with a limited number of participants accepted into the pools. To ensure full transparency, all relevant information regarding how staking works and the exact rewards will be updated on the website at least 30 days prior to the protocol going live. Additionally, an additional 1.25 Birble tokens will be allocated from the DAO’s second mint for exclusive staking purposes, with any excess tokens being allocated by the DAO to the staking pools if necessary.

Milestones and goals:

Implementation of AI development from OPENAI and deployment of two APPs (ChatGPT & DALL-E), AI aggregator pending (feasibility study, knowledge transfer, development & testing)


DEX, NFT Marketplace, & Crowd Funding DAPP all in final stage of testing on separate blockchains / Contract deployment + method and API calls

2 NFT games launched and in final stages of testing (separate blockchains)

Music and video streaming DAPPs ready for wallet integration / gateway and sever and API upgrade

1st Phase, the Birble team will move all Web3 DAPPs to first 3 blockchains main net and start opening to the masses. The testing of an additional 2 blockchains on their respective test net environments along with main website upgrade (UI & Functionality).

1st Use-case will be in 3 categories, having an advertising model in place.

  1. Web3 DAPPS
  2. AI APPS
  3. Streaming services with club memberships / paywalls


Pre-Launch Maintenance Plan:
a. Establish a secure environment for the project, including firewalls, antivirus software, and other security measures.
b. Test the system for any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the cryptography algorithms used.
c. Ensure that all data is encrypted and stored securely on the server.
d. Develop a backup plan in case of system failure or data loss.
e. Create a monitoring system to track usage and performance of the Web3 and AI projects.
f. Set up regular maintenance checks to ensure that all components are functioning properly and securely.
g. Train personnel on proper use of the Web3 & AI projects and its security protocols.
h. Establish a process for responding to any security threats or breaches that may occur during operation of the projects.
i. Develop an emergency response plan in case of an unexpected event or attack on the system’s security protocols or data integrity
j. Create a user manual outlining how to use the projects safely and securely

Post-Launch Maintenance Plan:
a. Monitor usage and performance of the Web3 & AI projects regularly to ensure it is functioning properly and securely
b. Update security protocols as needed to address any new threats or vulnerabilities that may arise over time
c. Perform regular maintenance checks on all components of the system to ensure they are functioning properly and securely
d. Train personnel on proper use of the Birble projects and its security protocols as needed
e. Respond quickly to any security threats or breaches that may occur during operation of the ANY of our projects
f .Develop an emergency response plan in case of an unexpected event or attack on the system’s security protocols or data integrity
g .Create a user manual outlining how to use the ALL Birble projects safely and securely as needed

Budget Section

Budget for project. Funding for CPS grants is available in bnUSD (stablecoin). Funding for ICON Foundation grants is available in ICX or USD


2 full-time full stack developers @ $3,500 per month = $7,000 x 6 months = $42,000

1 part-time smart contract developer @ $1,500 per month = $1,500 x 3 months = $4,500

1 full-time AI / Python developer @ $3,500 per month = $3,500 x 2 months = $7,000

1 full time UX/UI designer @ $2,500 per month = $2,500 x 2 month = $5,000

1 half-time PM & marketing @ $1,500 per month = $1,500 x 3 months = $4,500

API calls / account sub fees (monthly sub) specialized server development @ $1,000 per month = $1,000 x 3 month = $3,000

Server & IPFS integration cost @ $4,000 per month = $4,000 x 6 months = $24,000

Total budget: $90,000 for 6 months

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