Balanced's merger and casino merger

Merging Balanced makes sense. It is reasonable to use icx instead of BALN. But there is more work to be done.

Grow your blockchain casino This will also have a tremendous incineration effect.

Also, what about this?
ICON merges or fosters exchanges (balanced), casinos,People who stake all ICX also share the profits from it.

For example, let’s assume that the net profit after incineration is 400 million per month. Let’s say the staked ICX volume is 400 million.
If so, the existing ICX staking+ rewardwill be + 0.001dollar per 1 ICX per month. Doesn’t it look good? I think this is a win-win strategy for all icx owners.
If Balanced + Casino grows, it seems quite possible. It seems possible, especially if we take the lead in blockchain casinos.


Hey Yeol, you are thinking a couple of steps ahead, which is always a good thing, but considering current proposal discussions I think it’s best to focus energies in that front. Just my personal opinion.

If Balanced merge happens and shows some traction I’m sure ideas like this will be valuable going forward.


These options have actually been discussed from a high level as well, good thinking. As @RooK5677 mentioned, you’re a few steps ahead here. Let’s make balanced successful first then consider additional options for economic enshrinement