Awesome Icon -- list of tools and apps for the technical community

I’ve created a repository for tracking the awesome tools and apps that are useful for the technical community. It is called awesome-icon, following the trend of other awesome lists

I frequently reference these lists to find tools to use for my projects. In this case, it will be useful for things like smart contract development, frontend development, interfacing with exchanges or other apps, connecting to wallets, etc. If you would like to have your tool or app listed on that list or if you have a general suggestion for how to improve the list, please open a Pull Request with the item that you would like added to the list, categorized appropriately of course. You can add me as a reviewer if you want as well. My Github username is han-so1omon

One note about dApps. dApps with on-chain smart contracts are also considered tools / libraries because they contain the public API associated with the smart contract, which is reachable through public API Endpoint nodes. If your dApp cannot be used by developers or other technical community members to develop a product, then I would prefer for it to not be on that list

To be clear, I fully support all of those types of projects, but adding them to the ‘awesome’ list would conflate the purpose of the list and make it more difficult to use. As an alternative, please suggest that your dApp be added to the page via the “Add Your Project” button shown at the top of the page