Avoid duplicated products and continue to create innovative products

Avoid developing duplicated products, let’s develop one innovatively.

I know there will be 4 wallets for icon soon. Are there any wallets that contain the ecosystem of the icon, convenient communication and payment, and can implement an economic system within it? This is user distribution and wasted budget. The best made wallet I’ve ever seen is status. No, this is a huge ecosystem rather than a wallet. Download this app and try it out. There are some features and the UI is really good. We need one of these things. Personally, I would like someone from the wallet making team to apply for CPS as a role model for this. Alternatively, Our representative (min or benny option) can take the status as an icon p-rep and ask them to create one based on the icon. I recommend the latter. It also saves cps budget.

CPS has limited funds. I think CPS should support projects that are essential or likely to succeed.

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