Audit system proposal


Hey boys and girls,

I am working lately on an decentralized audit system that should work as an additional tool for the preps to counter teams that are not contributing enough (or at all) to the system. At the moment the only tool that the preps have to counter that is the disqualification proposal and in most cases you wouldnt like to use it as banning a team from the system is a pretty drastic measure.

I already have designed an example system that works in a decentralized way and it ballances the control of the audit team between the main preps, the sub preps and the Iconist. I have only shown the draft to a few prep members and the feedback was good, however it took a lot of extra explaining of the details as the draft is just… well a draft and doesnt go into too much detail. That is why I would prefer to have a more finalized (and thoroughly explained - with reasoning, examples etc) version before I present it here.

I just wanted to check with you guys if you are interested in such kind of option at all (as it would save me some time and effort if you are not interested).

I am also sending what I was able to prepare so far - it doesnt have the details of the actual system, but it has the reasoning behind it and what is aimed to cover with it. I hope that I can get some feedback on that if possible! (im sending the file as a link as the post messes up the info when it gets posted as screenshots)


This is great and 100% agree there needs to be a system in place for internal audits. Been thinking about how to do this for a while as we really need to encourage feedback as much as possible on each team and a means with which to inform voters about who exactly is making meaningful contributions to the ecosystem.

I personally think that project management is one of the biggest things missing in the community right now. There are a lot of duplicated efforts going on and very little coordination to leverage the different skill sets of each team. With a proper project management solution in place, it would be easier to perform audits as we’d have a central place to track progress and derive metrics that can be later used in audits.

Really not trying to politicize this at all as I am fully aware that many of the teams efforts wouldn’t neatly fit into a PM solution. I also don’t want to impose another PM solution if a team already has one in place. But I think we need a place to consolidate some of the major initiatives that are being worked on by the community and encourage collaboration. The space can be private to P-Reps as well such that we can all not worry about certain materials being made public.

I am personally proposing as a solution for this where I put together a rough outline here. Very open to feedback but it gets back to the original post in that we need metrics to perform the audits over. Audits will be very difficult if we have to rely on stringing together a series of medium posts or press releases that don’t have follow-up or any kind of progress tracking.


Thanks Robcio!

I have only glanced at the system that you have linked and it looks great from what I saw (I will take a more detailed look tomorrow as its pretty late here). Such guidelines would be very useful, I know that Iconviet are also working on such system to help evaluate performance.

My idea was related more towards an external decentralized audit team (so there is no conflict of interest). If its decided that such team would be benefitial to the system, Im sure that it would benefit from these guides and metrics and should complement them even further as a human is able to resolve the situations that are not covered (as we cannot cover every possible situation) and provide even further depth into the contribution analysis (like future projects, collaborations etc)


I should stress that the solution I am proposing is less for external audiences as it is for internal planning and a means to collaborate outside of chatting in the forum. A good example would be team X wants to do a major initiative and they would like help. They can break the initiative into fine grained tasks and then other teams would be able to jump in and help if their skillsets matched. Not trying to just plug my team but we are a good example. We are undertaking a lot of infrastructure related tasks and would love to help other teams with their initiatives where possible. We have a new fellow session starting in January and are going to be opening up project proposals for our fellows to the community in a couple weeks. A PM solution would be very helpful for this.

Certainly no conflict of interest between what you are proposing but I am also very motivated to push for more collaboration and task management. Sorry if I am hijacking your thread as these topics are somewhat independent but metrics can be difficult gauge when performing audits. At the end of the day those metrics would be up to the team doing the audit.


Its absolutely fine, dont worry about it. I did not mean the ‘conflict of interest’ about your work, I was refering to the decentralized external audit team (as if one of the preps evaluates the rest, that is a confict of interest).

I will not be developing (writing down as I already have an example system in mind) the proposal any further anyway as there seems to not be any interest for it.

I was kinda hoping though that I would receive any feedback (even a negative one) as the first proposal from the community (as far as Im aware) not receiving any response kinda sends the wrong message - that the community members should not offer any suggestions as they will be ignored.