Any plans to partner up with Terra (LUNA) another Korean project that is very promising?

Just found out about Terra (LUNA) a crypto project by Korean that has gained a lot of traction. Was wondering if ICON’s DeFi products are having any kind of partnerships w Luna. I think it would be massive if we do that. They have investments from Coinbase, Galaxy Digital and Pantera Capital.

We also got capital investment from Pantera Capital initially, but they sold us out earlier. Thoughts?

“Terra has already made a successful payment case for more than 2 million users in the Korean market, and is also rapidly growing in the DeFi space,” Simon Kim, CEO of Hashed, said in a press release.

Was wondering how many users does ICX has?

Terra and icon have different sizes to challenge the market. The icon is bigger. Once Bridge and Icon 2.0 comes out, I think the icon is the beginning. And although I am Korean, no one around me knows what Terra is and don’t uses it.

ICON’s DeFi product can work together with Terra. I am not sure how stablecoins on ICON works, but Terra is able to automatically balance out demand and supply to make sure that 1 USD will always be 1 USD. Hopefully ICON has similar features and capabilities to do everything and more of what Terra does. Would be great to hear insights from the ICON’s DeFi teams

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Terra integration via btp. Strictly my views here lol.

Lunar is cool and has a fair bit of attention right now, but it’s not the only algorithmic stable coin out there now, there is quite a few!