Alter proposal - Digital and physical collectables


So what is Alter and what are we trying to achieve… Ill take you back to the start of last year when I had the idea, when NFTs were starting to get the attention they deserved I had the idea to merge both physical and digital together, I wanted to create a collectors package that offers more value than just its appeal, a brand that gives back to those who helped it grow.

I have created Alter combining my passions together, the online shop will sell caps/clothing which will eventually be pegged with digital wearable NFTs for the Metaverse. We will also sell “Alter drops” the drop will be limited to x amount, giving it scarcity and inside the drop you will receive a limited edition figure, a limited edition NFT matching the figure, a limited edition cap designed around the figures design and a few extras which will vary depending on the drop design.

The first Alter drop NFTs will come with the most utility as I believe strongly in supporting those who helped support you, below is some of the utility for the first batch of NFTs

  1. ICX airdrops, this will initially be done with the Alter drops profit. 10% of the profits of every Alter drop will be split into 2 parts, 5% being split across all genesis NFT holders and the other 5% being given to one holder through a raffle type system. (As we grow we may revaluate the distribution of airdrops to a way that benefits the NFT holders more).
  2. Store discount, 30% discount on all products other than the Alter drops.
  3. Royalty share of the secondary sales each month, 25% of collected royalties each month will be split between 10 holders through a raffle system.
  4. The choice to redeem the physical at a later date, meaning you can sell the NFT on the secondary market with the physical attached to it or be able to give it as a gift via the NFT. (Note that if you redeem the physical you still keep the NFT with its perks).
  5. We have other ideas that we want to add down the line including events, an $Alter token which will benefit NFT holders and raffles.

Longterm plan

As mentioned in point 5 we have plans to add an $Alter token down the line but once we are more established, we already have a plan and use cases for the token and it will be a fair launch for NFT holders (There will also be a burn mechanism in place alongside buybacks), we don’t want to giveaway too much information regarding the token as nothing is set in stone yet but if anyone has any questions regarding this feel free to message us. Another area we plan on exploring is of course the metaverse, we are currently weighing up the decision to launch all of our physical clothing with a digital version or to launch this at a later date once we are more established as the way we would like to do it, is to have all physicals marked on the tag with the digital version to check authenticity. With the Metaverse side of things we plan on purchasing virtual land to host events and to have a virtual shop, we are waiting to find out the best route for this as ideally we would like to have virtual land on ICONs blockchain but if no projects are offering this at the time we will look into other options such as crossing over into other chains metaverses via BTP or creating our own on ICONs blockchain. We want to benefit the NFT holders as much as possible so in the future we will also be holding raffles for the NFT holders which could be anything from a physical product/holiday to an NFT.


The figure itself is called Alter and each drop we will Alter his character/style to go along with the story we have created for him, it starts off with Alter freeing his mind from the manipulating media, he takes the risk of leaving his 9-5 that he felt trapped in and this sets him on a journey of discovery, a realistic journey of both ups and downs. Each figure will leave a clue for the next design, a hint of the next chapter. the whole brand will be full of easter eggs, rewarding those who figure them out. In the Alter drop the cap matches the same cap the figure is wearing.

Current progress

As mentioned this idea started early part of last year so you’re probably wondering about progress, since the idea come about there was a lot of back and forth, changing certain parts of the idea and ironing out the kinks. We have now finalised the design of the figure and paid to get the 3D digital copy ready for sampling (We have already got the manufacturer for the figure), the design for the caps are complete and we have already sampled from 5 manufacturers and have found the manufacturer that we believe was the best quality, we also gathered feedback from others. Packaging to some people isn’t a big deal but we believe it is, we have made our packaging to match the design of every drop and have it presented in a displayable box. The NFT design needs to be finalised but we have a digital artist ready to complete this, we have the idea for the design of the website and have found a website developer

Team consists of me and 3 others (Excluding short term hires, website developers and artists etc)

Why icon?

I have been invested with icon since the early ICO stages, their vision aligned with mine and the fact that they have achieved their milestones and more, especially continuing to build while being in a bear market is a good sign of a long lasting blockchain. Faster block times and transaction fees are much more attractive not just for creation but also for retail users and with the upcoming launch of BTP it was a no brainer. I have introduced a couple artists to sell on ICON’s chain and I would love to take it to the next level and introduce 100s of new users to the network, I want to help build, I no longer want to sit on the side lines waiting/watching others build, I want to be apart of making history.

Funding breakdown

Website development (Front and backend with a unique design)— $4500

Salaries for 3 people for 3 months- $5000

Art work, Design and finalising the NFT design- $3000

Marketing (Marketing material and paid advertising)- $4000

I just want to note that I will not be taking money from this fund for a personal wage, this is my project so I don’t expect to earn a penny until it is up and running and I am more focused on putting in rather than taking out at this stage. The wage is for the three people I have helping/working for me. We want to kick start the brand with heavy marketing, we plan on using the marketing fund for multiple methods, for example we believe TikTok is a great platform for exposure at the moment so we will be targeting the appropriate influencers and paying them for ads or giving them an Alter drop in return for a TikTok review. Also twitter paid ads as we want to target other chains communities to get involved with the NFT space on ICON. In all advertising we will mention icon is the chain being used.

Benefit to icon

We want to have an impact on the ICON blockchain, we are not sure how big of an impact it will be due to it being early days but we will try our hardest to bring value to ICON’s ecosystem and early contributors.

  1. We want to offer the icon community early access to purchase at a 10% discount.
  2. We will be implementing icon as a payment method on the websites shop.
  3. We will also make it clear to our customers that we are using ICON’s blockchain including any advertising we do.
  4. Giveaways to the icon community.
  5. Bringing more users and retail into the icon ecosystem.



Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Wiki: CiUVcb4PyJ9QWG7p/9ghAo3B6

In order to put the proposal forward we need a P-Rep to sponsor us, if any P-Rep has read this and likes the idea, if you would like to sponsor us that would be amazing. Please get in contact or mention in the comments and we will reach out to you.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to read our proposal and we would love to hear some feedback, both good and bad alongside any questions you may have. If you leave a comment below we will be picking 1 or 2 people to get a free Alter drop on launch. There may also be a hidden gift or two floating about if anyone can find them.

I would also like to say thanks to Gangstabet and Winible for taking the leap and building such NFT projects on Icon as it has helped inspire me and I’m sure many others.

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Digging the model artwork!

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For the NFT drops, with there be many mints or only single drops? Also digging the story behind escaping the media, we definitely align with views on that one 100%

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Thanks that means a-lot! we are really happy with how its looking, still a few adjustments to be made before sampling but it is getting there!

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So we are currently weighing up the options and figuring out what is best, Either mint direct from the website with a purchase cap or to let it live on craft, We are not sure on the exact amount we want to launch with but it will be limited (Currently thinking in the range of 300). More will follow but the first batch comes with the most benefits. Thanks, we cant wait to reveal more about the character as we already have the next few design ideas with a story to them!

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Don’t want to give too much detail away but lets just say its the second half to a rewarding puzzle :jigsaw:

That wiki was Marvelous​:man_shrugging:t4::raised_hands::money_mouth_face:

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How did you arrive on the final character design? Did you test it with a sample group?

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Sounds awesome! Definitely looking forward to matching some virtual mints with physical products and rocking em in the metaverse as well as real world! Dual purpose promotion and goodness! Lets goooo

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Good read. Hope you get the funding. I’ll be happy to support the project at a later stage.

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So i had the rough idea of how i wanted it to look but i am no artist so there was a lot of back and forth getting it to this design. The design is him pulling layers off of him revealing the next chapter and on the upper half will be the clue to the next design. We did gather feedback and took it on board!

Thanks the support means a-lot! We are also excited for the metaverse side of it as we have a few ideas we think would be really good (Will share more on this soon)

Thanks so much, your support means a lot!

I’m wondering how big of a sample group you used for gathering feedback. Art is a very subjective thing — since you intend to build a whole platform around this singular concept, it’d be useful to know beforehand if the art is expected to be well received.

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I wouldn’t say a massive sample group but roughly 40 people. With the feedback i got, i genuinely took on board and changed certain things, as you mentioned art is indeed very subjective and it is impossible to please everyone but that is why i took on board other peoples opinions as i know what may seem amazing in my mind might not be in reality. The final design seems to be well received and we are still willing to take on feedback and have a few other features to add before sampling.

Maybe consider a wider sampling using a survey site, etc. Could be valuable!

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Thanks so much for this, i will definitely be taking this advice! I completely forgot about survey sites to be honest, will work on getting one set up for next week!

what is Salaries for 3 people for 3 months- $5000?

This doesn’t describe what these 3 people will be doing other than what is already described like website, art, etc.

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